• Matula Syllabus

    Pre-AP Biology & Biology
     2017 – 2018 


    I would like to welcome you back to school at Industrial High School. I have certain rules and classroom expectations that will be in effect in my classroom at all times and I would like to take this time to share them with you.


    Materials needed DAILY include:



    -     Blue or black pens

    -     Pencils

    -     Red pens (2)

    • HOMEWORK – work becomes late one minute after the bell rings
    • Notebook/Binder (1 ½” -2”)
    • Paper
    • 3 Dividers (Labeled: Notes, Daily Work, Labs)

      • 1st period – 1 package of notebook paper
      • 2nd period – 1 package of colored index cards
      • 3rd period – 1 box of tissue   
      • 4th period – 1 roll of tape
      • 5th period – 1 package of wite out (tape)
      • 6th period – 1 small container of Clorox wipes or bottle of dish soap or hand soap  


    Students will keep all notes, assignments, labs, etc. for the entire year in their notebook/binder.


    Remind 101: Instruction for set up will be sent home on the first day of class 

      • 1st period – @bbd2k6
      • 2nd period - @f3bkbd
      • 3rd period – @bddca3
      • 4th period – @e6f78
      • 5th period - @dfhdh
      • 6th period – @ge6g47

     Grading Procedure: 

    Major Work: 60%

              Includes – Labs, Projects, and Test

    Daily Assignments: 40%



    • Safety/Introduction/Chemistry of Biology
    • Cells/Organelles/Processes 
    • Viruses/Bacteria 
    • Genetics
    • Evolution
    • Ecology
    • Classification and Diversity
    • Plants/Animals
    • Multicellular Life – systems 

       Classroom rules:


    • Bring ALL materials to class EVERYDAY.
    • Homework is due at the BEGINNING of the class period on the day it is due. Late work will be accepted for 3 DAYS following the due date for PARTIAL credit. Any work received after the three days will result in a zero. (First day – 10 pts, second day -20 pts, third day -30 pts.)
    • Projects, which are consider test grades, will be given PARTIAL credit it turned in after the assigned date. (First day -20 pts, second day -40 pts, third day a zero.)
    • Students will be respectful to the teacher, substitutes, IHS staff, and other students.
    • Cheating will result in a ZERO, with no discussion.
    • When students are absent, it is their responsibility to get their missing assignments. Students will be given an extra day to complete missing work. If you are absent on the day that a test is given, you will be expected to take the test the day you return during study skills. Exceptions will be made in EXTREME circumstances. Failure to comply within the given time frame will result in a zero.
    • NO extra credit assignments are assigned.
    • Follow all Laboratory Safety Rules.


    Discipline Procedure:


    • 1st offence: Warning
    • 2nd offence: Classroom discipline
    • 3rd offence: Office Referral  

    Please feel free to contact me anytime you have a concern or question. My e-mail address is cmatula@industrialisd.org. My conference period is 7th period from 2:01 - 2:26 Monday, and Friday, 2:14-2:59 Wednesday and 1:53 to 2:42 on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m looking forward to a great school year.


    Thank you,


    Chasity Matula  


    IHS Science Teacher

    Student Council Sponsor