7th Grade Syllabus

          Texas History

                                           Mrs. Carroll

     Hello, I would like to welcome everyone back to school. There are many exciting things happening here at Industrial Junior High and I feel extremely privileged to be a part of it. 


    Class Schedule:

     1st     -            Texas History

    2nd      -       Texas History

    3rd -             Texas History

    4th                Texas History


    5th      -        Texas History

    6th     -          Conference

    7th     -          Texas History

    8th    -       Study Hall

     Email: scarroll@iisd1.org

     Classroom procedures and rules:

    1. Be in class on time and ready to go.
    2. Check board for assignment and begin warm-ups.
    3. Turn work into the proper location
    4. Respect yourself and your classmates.
    5. Follow all guidelines set forth in the student handbook for late work, grading system, and discipline.


     Remind App for reminders for my class info:  Text 81010  Message:  @bb9e39

    NO BACKPACKS or BINDERS are brought to class, leave these in your locker….No Exceptions to this rule.



    Materials needed for History:

     Yellow folder

    Pen or pencil

    History Books are kept in the classroom, all work is done in the room.
    Studying for tests and quizzes will come from a study packet and is expected to be done on the student's time, there is NOT classroom time for extensive studying prior to the test/quiz.

    Texas History Agenda:

     This year we will focus on Texas geography and the historical aspects related to different regions.

    Our focus will be on early explorers and settlers through Texas’ involvement in the Civil War and wrap up the year discussing the early cattle kingdoms of Texas.

    We will mainly use our textbooks for initial information but will also incorporate other reference materials which will be kept in a classroom binder.

     Our class will also be viewing 2 movies this year that are tied to our curriculum. The Alamo and Issac’s Storm will be shown later this year. The Alamo is a great follow up to Chapter 10 with historical information that is very accurate in details to the events that occurred in 1836. It is rated pg-13 due to some language. Issac’s Storm retells the story of the great hurricane of 1900 in Galveston. 

    Please initial here _____ so your child can view both of these movies.


    Again, I look forward to meeting and getting to know each and every student that passes through my door.

    It looks to be an exciting year here at Industrial Junior High.


    Mrs. Carroll
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