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    Quality Counts

    4-H and FFA have been involved in character education for more than 100 years.  Quality Counts is our way of showcasing this character education and at the same time showing our commitment to producing a safe and wholesome livestock product for the consumer.

    Verification of Quality Counts is a natural extension of this effort to demonstrate that 4-H and FFA youth have a base knowledge of the principles of quality assurance and good moral character.

    Now and in the near future many local and major livestock shows will require that a youth exhibitor demonstrate this base knowledge by taking the online Quality Counts Verification test and obtaining a Verification Number.  This can be accomplished through this web site!

    Texas Trail

    The “Texas Trail” is an online self paced guided experience through Quality Assurance and Character Education with your livestock project.  The overall experience takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and can be stopped and restarted as many times as needed.  With a unique user log in each participant has their own personal experience.


    If the Texas Trails Online Modules are Currently off-line (down). 
    Please refer to the written curriculum to prepare for the verification exam.

    Click here to get started!



    Take the test and become Verified

Last Modified on November 7, 2017