Industrial High School Agricultural Sciences

    Mrs. Holub’s Class



    Rules for Success

    Start out the day on a positive note.

    Understand that respect is expected.

    Create a positive learning space.

    Come to class prepared to learn.

    Ensure that you are giving 100%.

    Stand out, but always be yourself.

    Strive to make each day better!



    Composition Notebook

    Notebook paper




    I am not responsible for giving you the necessary supplies for my class such as a pen or pencil.


    Grading System:

    Daily Grades:

    Worksheets, questions from the book, and some notes will be the main daily grades taken in the class.  These grades count for 40% of your 6 weeks average. 


    Major Grades:

    Tests, lab projects, YouTube videos, and notebooks will be major grades taken in class.  Major grades will make up 60% of your 6 weeks grade.  You should have at least 3 major grades.



    Scientists use a notebook to write down information about their observations and their questions.  The rules will help your create an interesting and informative journal to show what you have experienced and learned about science through your Agriculture Science courses.  Science notebooks help your document your discoveries.  Your journal should reflect your experience yet be easily understandable to others.


    YouTube Videos:

    In groups, you will prepare a brief video for social media about your agricultural topic.  After the video is posted to the internet, on your own, you will watch each video and write one question for that group to answer.  Each group will need to answer the questions under their YouTube video.


    Turning in Work:

    There is a black, zebra print basket on my desk.  This is for you to turn in your work.  Everything should go in this basket except for your notebook; I will tell you where to put those when it is time to grade them.  Once work as been graded I will make sure you have it handed back to you for your Notebooks.


    Late Work:

    I expect you to turn your work into the basket when you finish.  If you are one day late turning in an assignment it will be 10 points off, two days late will be 20 points, and 3 days late will be 30 points.  Any work past the 3 days will be 30 points off.




    It is your responsibility to get the assignments you missed each day you are absent.  This should be done before class or after class.  No makeup tests will be given during class.



    • During some labs you will be asked to work with live animals or do hands on experiments.  You should let me know if you have any allergies to these animals before the labs.  You will be given plenty of notice before the lab and will have to do an alterative assignment instead.
    • During certain labs you will be told how you must dress.  This will include closed toed shoes, jeans, and an appropriate shirt.  This will be the way that someone in that career field dresses for their type of work.  I will give you plenty of warning and I expect you to come to class dressed that way.  You will not be given time to change clothes before class.


    Contact Information:

    Instructor:  Meredith Holub

    Agricultural Science Building

    Phone: (361) 284-3216

    Email:  mholub@iisd1.org

    Tutorial times:  Before and After School on Tuesdays

    Conference: 8th Period

    Lunch:  2nd Lunch


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