• Kiddie Camp

    Industrial Cheer:  PEACE, LOVE AND COBRA CHEER
     Date: May 31st @HS Gym 1:30 PM- 4:00 PM
              June 1st @ HS Gym 8:30 AM- 1:30 PM 
                    * Performance will begin @ 12:30 on June 1st. 
                     * Cost will be $55.00 
    Kiddie Camp Groups
    3-4 Year Olds            5 Yr. olds/Kinder  1st Grade                2nd Grade               
    Skylar Lenamon        Grace Barton         Gail Barrett            Sydney Hamm                              
    Lexi DeLynn             Catherine Hudson  Sierra Wilkerson   Avery Baker                            
                                       Maddie Chandler  Kaylee Henson    
    3rd Grade                        4th Grade
    Carlyssa Borchert           Hailey Crow              
    Haylee Lonis                  Abby Pfuhl
    Baleigh Eppilito             Alondra Pineda 
    5th and 6th Grade                 Junior High Cheerleaders 
    Lexi Grace                            Karagan Kusak
    Sara Brogger                         Danyle Hammack
    * Each group needs to learn at least 3 cheers and a dance to perform.
    *Varsity Members in each group are in charge of making up a dance and deciding on cheers. 
    * 5th and 6th Graders will learn the JH tryout dance and the JH tryout cheer.
    *JH will learn the HS Tryout Dance (put to different music) and the HS tryout cheer.  
    *JH will also learn JH School Song and Fight Song and will incorporate several stunts into cheers they already know. 
    *Each group will make some sort of bandana for the participants in their groups. You could also do cute headbands.    Be Creative. They also need an award sash to give each girl.  These can be substituted with peace necklaces or do both.  You could also do paper vests with fringe ends and allow them to color or decorate them. We have paper in the cheer room you could use.  Paper bags IF you can find them would be easier.
    *Each group will make sashes/necklaces for the members of their groups and these will be awards.  Ex. Best Jumper etc.  
    * We will make this special for each girl who participates in our camp. 
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