8th Grade Math & Algebra 1 Syllabus

    Mrs. Bain / sbain@industrialisd.org



    Classroom Expectations, Rules, and Procedures


    Classroom Expectations

    1.      BE PROMPT and in your desk when the bell rings

    2.      BE PREPARED and have all materials needed for class

    3.      BE POSITIVE and keep a can do attitude

    4.      BE POLITE and respectful to classmates, teacher, school property, and yourself

    5.      BE PRODUCTIVE, pay attention, actively participate, and ask questions


    Classroom Rules

    1.       Attend to personal needs before coming to class: Do not ask to leave class unless you have a true emergency.

    2.      Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up.

    3.      No food, drinks, or cell phones; water with a lid is permissible

    4.      Use polite speech and body language


    Classroom Materials

    The following should be brought to class EVERYDAY!

    Math Notebook (2 or 3 subject spiral)

    Binder (1in or 1 ½ in; any color)

    Pack of Dividers



    1 Bottle of Glue OR Tape

    4 Pk. AAA Batteries

    Graphing Calculator (Will check out from campus) 


    Classroom Procedures

    1.      Dismissal of class: The bell does not dismiss class, I do. Students will remain in desk until released by the teacher.

    2.      Homework: Homework will be posted on the side board each day. Showing work is required on all assignments, whether homework, quizzes, or tests. Credit will not be given for just having the correct answers.

    3.      Absences: If you are absent, please see me before or after school or class to turn in assignments, get make-up work and missed instruction. Class time will not be used for catching up those that were absent. Weekly assignments will be posted on the side board. It is your responsibility to look at the board and get the correct worksheets/notes that you missed.

    4.      Cheating will not be tolerated: Students caught cheating will receive a zero and will be written up. Both the student who shares the work and the person who copies it will suffer the same consequences. Any phone use during tests is considered cheating.

    5.      Make-up Work (daily): Only accepted for absences without penalty. A student has two days to make-up work from when he/she was absent. Work that was assigned prior to the student’s absence is due upon his/her return.

    6.      Late Work: Late work for students not absent from class will have no more than 11 points deducted for being late one day, 21 points for being late two days and 31 points for being late three days. The best a student can receive after the above action will be a fifty.

    7.  Test Retakes: Only given when original test is below a 70.  The retake will be a new test.  The new test grade will be an average of the original test and the retake.  Multiple retest for the same test will not be given! STUDY!!!

    7.      Substitutes: Substitutes should be respected at ALL times. When I am out, I will leave detailed instructions, seating charts and lesson plans. Students will be required to follow all instructions.

    8.      Leaving Class: Take care of personal business between class periods.  Students will not be allowed to leave the first or last 10 minutes of class.  Do not ask to leave unless it is a true emergency.


    IJHS Grading Policy

    *        Daily Work & Quizzes – 40%

    *        Tests – 60%

    BLOOMZ: I use Bloomz to communicate with parents/students. I have posted information on my website on how to sign up for the app and I have included the codes for texts here.

    • Math 8

    Join using text messaging

    1.       Text @R43K6S to 1-858-BLOOMZ1 (1-858-256-6691)

                  Join using a web browser

    1.      Go to bloomz.net and click “Join Bloomz”

    2.      In the text box enter R43K6S

    3.      Create your account

    • Algebra 1

    Join using text messaging

    1.        Text @JAPTF9 to 1-858-BLOOMZ1 (1-858-256-6691)

                  Join using a web browser

    1.      Go to bloomz.net and click “Join Bloomz”

    2.      In the text box enter JAPTF9

    3.      Create your account 



    I have read and understand Mrs. Bain’s Math/Algebra syllabus for the 2017-2018 school year.


    Student Name _______________________              Student Signature ____________________


    Parent/Guardian _______________________________________________________________              


    Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________________________



    Phone Number(s) ______________________________________________________________



    Email(s) _____________________________________________________________________



    Your child will be given a consumable textbook this year. This book is required for class. If this book is lost or damaged at any time during the school year, the student is responsible for the replacement at a fee of $25.00


            Parent Signature:_____________________


            Student Signature:____________________




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