• Theatre Arts 1 Syllabus

    Course Structure: The course will be divided into the following units:

    I.  Theatre Basics

    Creating common language, Sensory Awareness, Creative Movement, Mime and Improvisation

    Focus On: imagination, creativity, trust, relaxation, vocabulary, concentration, believability, cooperation, voice and acting essentials.

    II.   Acting

    Voice, Monologue and Scene Work

    Focus On: character, memorization, voce, movement, rehearsal process, analysis, evaluation & audience etiquette

    III.  Musical Theatre

    History, Choreography, Appreciation and Performance

    Focus On: history, related topics, dance, signing & performance.

    IV.   Script Writing

    Monologues and Scenes

    Focus On: character development, writing skills, creativity, analysis and acting basics

    V.  Technical Theatre

    Design Project

    Focus On: staff, terminology, play analysis, design, drawing, building and history

    VI.   In Class Production

    Performance for Original Play Festival

    Focus On: All elements of production and performance. ALL STUDENTS MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE FESTIVAL!

    **** Additional units may be added based on student interest. Past additional units have included: puppets, Shakespeare, Stage Combat, Clowning and Make Up Design.

    Supplies Needed: Spiral (lovingly provided), pen/pencil, hiliter, folder, clip to hold back long hair or bangs

    Expectations for Success in Theatre

    THIS IS A NO- PLAY / NO-PASS CLASS!!! You must participate!

    Requirements to be successful in this class:

    1.    Acceptance of teacher as director

    2.    Wear or bring clothes you can move in

    3.    Leave the excuses at the door

    4.    Be willing to try anything

    5.    Cooperate with others

    6.    Concentration, Self-Discipline and Control

    7.    Good health and stamina

    8.    Positive Attitudes

    9.    Full participation in all activities

    10.   Possess the attitude that this class is to help you become a better person and make you a better actor

    Things that make your teacher crazy:

    1.    Wasting Supplies – tape balls, glue hand, staple shooting, etc…

    2.    Talking while I am talking or others are performing – this will effect your grade!

    3.    Throwing things

    4.    Leaving trash in the room

    5.    Touching departmental props, costumes, etc… without permission

    6.    Forgetting  scripts

    7.    Temper Tantrums and other displays of wasted energy

    8.    Aggressively hostile attitudes that make others uncomfortable

    9.    Criticizing other campus organizations and groups

    10.  Demonstrating poor audience etiquette

    Theatre Arts is a great class where we can all have fun if everyone respects the course, respects each other and respects the space. It’s all about respect, baby!