• Junior High Art

    Ms. Hollis- ehollis@industrialisd.org

    Conference Period: 1:00-1:40

    Class Schedule:

    1: Art

    2: Art

    3: Art

    4: Art


    5: Art

    6: Conference

    7: Art

    8: ESL Study Skills

    Classroom Expectations

    1.     BE PROMPT and in your desk when the bell rings

    2.     BE PREPARED and have all materials needed for class

    3.     BE POSITIVE and keep a can do attitude

    4.     BE POLITE and respectful to classmates, teacher, school property, and yourself

    5.     BE PRODUCTIVE and pay attention, actively participate, and ask questions.


    Classroom Rules

    •   Follow all guidelines set forth in the student handbook.
    • Check board for what we will be doing/working on for that particular day.
    • Be prepared for class; this includes having all supplies/materials with you at your table when the bell rings.
    •   Attend to personal needs BEFORE coming to class: Do not ask to leave class unless you have a true emergency. No one will leave          the first or last 10 minutes of class.
    • Remain in your seat unless you have permission to get up. Raise your hand if you need teacher assistance
    • No food, drinks, or cell phones allowed. EVER! (Water is allowed in a clear bottle)
    • STUDENTS are responsible for asking and getting missed work if they were absent.
    •   ALWAYS make sure your work area is completely cleaned off before leaving the classroom, NO EXCEPTIONS.


    Classroom Materials

    •             2 Poster Board (color optional, avoid dark colors)

    •             1 roll duct tape (color/decorative is optional)

    •             1 Box of tissues

    •             4 BIG pink erasers

    •             2 glue sticks

    •             10 No. 2 WOODEN pencils (No mechanics)

    •             1 box colored pencils

    •             1 Braded folder with pockets

    •             11X14 drawing pad (anything higher than 50 lb)


     Classroom Procedures

    1. Dismissal of class: The bell does NOT dismiss class, I do. Students will remain in desk until released by the teacher.

    2. Absences: If you are absent, please see me before or after school or class to be filled in on missed instruction.

    5. Substitutes: Substitutes should be respected at ALL times. When I am out, I will leave detailed instructions and seating charts. You will be required to follow all instructions.


    IJHS Grading Policy

    ·         Daily Work & Quizzes – 40%

    ·         Tests – 60%






    Please return to Ms. Hollis by August 30, 2017.


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