• Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you are right!". How true! "Because They Think They can, They Will!" is a very fitting motto for Industrial ISD. Our goal will be to give the students the academic skills and abilities they need so that "they think they can". When our Teachers give the students that kind of confidence and ability then they certainly "will" be successful! It is our goal to be service minded and supportive toward our Students, Teachers, Parents, and Community. I invite you to contact me at 361-284-3226, Ext. 1175, or e-mail me (twilliams@iisd1.org) if I can be of service to you. Tony Williams, Industrial ISD Superintendent


    Industrial is located in the heart of Region III along the Gulf Coast of Texas in the southern part of Jackson County Texas. The District is presently classified as a AA school district.  The District has been rated as Recommended by the Texas Education Agency.  Learn more about the district by following the Demographic and map links.

Last Modified on June 11, 2012