• Required supplies:


     2 inch ring binder
           pencil with a good eraser 
           notebook paper  
                **graphing calculator**
                4-AAA batteries
     1 box tissues



    **Please note that graphing calculators are available at Industrial High School for check out from the library. Upon receiving a school owned calculator, it will be your responsibility to care for and maintain it. You must provide the batteries for your calculator.  If you prefer, you may purchase your own calculator, but it is neither expected, nor required.  Please be aware that if your name appears on the fine/fee list, you won’t be allowed to check out a calculator until the debt is paid to the appropriate organization.  I will be conducting calculator checks throughout the year, so it is imperative that you keep the calculator that is issued to you.  Don’t leave your calculator unsecured or loan it to other students!!! Calculators must be returned to the library at the end of the year.