• Family Background:

    Born in Port Lavaca, TX

    Parents: Corky and Suzette

    Siblings: Ajax

    Married: January 31 to Kevin Matula 


    Daughter: Kyleigh Matula

    Son: Caleb Matula


    Graduated from Calhoun High School in May 2000

    Graduated from Texas A & M Kingsville August 2004

    Softball background:

    One year at Hill College (2000 - 2001).

    Two years at Kingsville (2001 - 2003).

    Previous Teaching Jobs:

    Calhoun High School (2004 - 2008)

    Positions held:

    (2004-2005) Freshman Volleyball, JV Softball, Biology/Pre-AP BiologyTeacher

    (2005-2007) JV Volleyball and Softball Coach Biology/Pre-AP Biology Teacher

    (2007-2008) Biology Teacher

    Present Teaching Job:

    Industrial High School

    2008 to Present Day

    Courses Taught/Teaching: Pre-AP Biology/Biology, AP Biology, Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology, and Aquatic Science

    Coaching: 2009-2013 Freshmen Volleyball and Head Softball
    Coaching: 2018 JH Basketball and High School Softball 
    Coaching: 2019 Freshman Volleyball and High School Softball