• Christy Deyton Christy Deyton's Bio

          I grew up in Victoria with an older sister and a younger brother. I attended the local Catholic schools where I participated in a plethera of activities such as the National Honor Society, band, volleyball, basketball and softball. I always pushed myself to my maximum potential both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Having such a well-rounded early education helped me to eventually be accepted into St. Mary's University and then eventually transferring to Texas A&M University (Whoop!) where I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. I began my teaching career in 1998 at the Victoria, Stroman Campus. My tenure there expired as of May 2007. While in Victoria, I taught English and coached volleyball and softball for my first 6 years. During my 9 years in Victoria, I received recognition (nominations by former students) from the National Honor Roll of Outstanding Teachers in America and also from "Who's Who" Among Outstanding Teachers.  Most recently, in 2012-2013, I was named Industrial H.S. Teacher of the Year, District Teacher of the Year and Regional Secondary Teacher of the Year.

          In 2004, I married John Deyton, Jr., a native of Vanderbilt, Tx. and former graduate of Industrial H.S. ('89).  I have a stepdaughter, Brittany, who is in cosmetology school. We recently built a house in Jackson County, so needless to say, I plan on staying at Industrial for a long, long time. When I have free time, I usually choose to be outside working in the yard, but other hobbies include fishing, hunting (only doves), playing softball, water sports, playing with animals and spending time with family.

         Enough about me. I want to talk about the community of this District. I am first and foremost here to serve the students and parents of this District. I am very excited to be here and chose to do so because I look forward to supporting an environment that promotes the well-roundedness of students, an environment I grew up in, so I can really appreciate it. I have heard for so many years how great this District is, and I would like to say it is a privilege to be here, and I look forward to many years of learning and excitement. Proud to be a Cobra!

                                   "Because They Think They Can, They Will"