Meet Mrs. K--

           I have lived in Jackson County my entire life.  Upon graduating from high school, I married my husband, Delano.  I graduated from Victoria College with an Associate’s Degree and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sam Houston State University.  I began my teaching career teaching typing on manual typewriters, some of which I am sure came over on the Mayflower. The transition from manual typewriters to electric typewriters brought with it a change in the course title.  We now referred to the course as keyboarding.  Of course, a few years following this move, the Apple computer was introduced and word processing was born. Change was inevitable and PC’s soon took the lead—and, technology has NOT slowed down or looked back!  Consequently, I have found myself continuing this “educational quest” my entire life.  Prior to my mother’s death, she exclaimed, “Are you ever going to stop going to school?”  I responded, “Probably not!”  I love school.  I love change.  I love teaching.