1. Be in your seat with all needed supplies when the tardy bell rings.
    2. Do not talk when the teacher is talking
    3. Respect your classmates and their property.
    4. No food or drink of any kind is allowed in this classroom. This includes candy and gum. No Exceptions.
    5. All other school rules apply.


    1. Warning
    2. Referral to coach of your sport (if in athletics)
    3. If not in athletics, phone conversation with parent or conference.
    4. Referral to the office

    Grading Policy:

    The grading policy of this class will be done so by IISD policy.All homework assignments and quizzes will be considered as daily grades worth 40% of your six-weeks grade.All exams and major projects will be worth 60% of your six-weeks grade.

    Tests: Each student will take a formative exam over a unit or set of vocabulary words. All students who make an 84 or below will be required to take the summative exam. Those students who make an 85 – 93 on the formative may take the summative exam based on teacher approval but will receive the summative grade regardless if it is higher or lower than the formative exam.

    Late Work: If a student turns in an assignment, which has not been graded and returned, then a deduction of 10 points per day, will be assessed until the work is remitted to the teacher.   If the work has been graded and returned to the other students, 30 points will be deducted for one day late and 10 points deducted each day thereafter.  Late work will not be accepted for grading purposes after the completion of a unit or the current six weeks.

    Absences: For each excused absence, the student has two days to make up any missed assignments. Exceptions will be made to those students who have missed more than 4 consecutive days of school. Any absence a student acquires due to extra-curricular activities will be expected to get their assignments before the absence.

    Supplies: The following items are needed for this class:

    One spiral notebook – to be used for Daily Oral Geography (DOG). DOG is done at the beginning of the class period. If you are absent you are responsible for getting any missed questions and answers from a classmate. I am not responsible for making sure you get any missed questions and answers.

    Blue or black pens or pencils ONLY (No exceptions).

    One two-inch notebook with college or wide ruled notebook paper

    Map Pencils or Markers (12-24)

    Warm Clothing – The class room temperature will be kept at a cool level (70). If you get cold easily I suggest you keep a jacket handy.