• Using the Calendar


    To access the district or a campus calendar, click on the calendar icon at the top of the website.

    You can choose a different calendar view by clicking Today, Day, Week, Month, or List.


    Today displays the events of the current day. List view displays all events for the month.


    Clicking Legend will display all of the Event Categories by color.


    The More drop down gives you access to several functions:


    ·        Customize View will allow the user to filter in events from other calendars and filter out specific categories of events.

    ·        Export Events will allow the user to create a VCS file of events from a specified date range.

    ·        Print Calendar will print the current Calendar view.


    Customize View:


    The district calendar does not display all campus events. This allows you to choose the campus events that you wish to include on one calendar.


    1.   Click on the More tab and then click on Customize View.

    2.   Click on Add Calendar.

    3.   Search by campus, teacher, activity (athletics, fine arts, club, etc.), or other section.

    4.   Click add.

    5.   To exclude a type of event, click on Excluded Categories and select categories to remove.

    6.   When finished, click on I’m Done.