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    Here are some general procedures that will be followed in class this year. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Discipline policy:
    I wanted to add that the discipline folder has a sticker for each day. If a child loses a box, he/she will lose their sticker. I will want to conference with you if that happens regularly.

    Independent Practice is assigned at school immediately following the initial lesson. This procedure is followed in both Math and Phonics. Homework is due at 8:15 each morning. Each child in first grade will have a homework folder that will be sent home every night. Assignments will be copied each morning and placed in the folder. Please initial the assignment sheet each evening. First grade students will have spelling and sight words weekly. It is helpful to practice/review these words daily. Tests will be given Fridays. Special projects will also be assigned during the year.

    Home Readers:
    Home Reader envelopes are sent home most days with students. The Accelerated Reader books are written on the child’s home reading sheet. After reading these books, children take a computerized generated comprehension test. If a child does not score any points on his/her AR test, I may send it back for additional reading. Children may keep a book as long as they need. I feel 1 to 2 days normally should be sufficient. If they have not mastered a book in that time, you may want to return it for an easier book. Parents may record any book their child reads to them from home also. Please send the book to school in their envelope. If the book is an Accelerated Reader, I will have them take a test. If it is not, I will ask them to read a page or ask them about the book. I will then send it back in their envelope. All books read and recorded (Accelerated Reader, and additional books from home) will be recorded. The goal for 1st graders is 50 AR points, but I challenge each child to have 100 AR points. A reward will be given at the end of the year to children who meet this goal.

    It is very important that your child attend school. If a child is ill, he/she needs to stay at home. However, we encourage attendance if at all possible. Even with make-up work, it is difficult to recover the benefit of initial instruction.

    Weekly Folders (Maroon Cobra Folder):
    Each Monday students will bring a Maroon Cobra Folder home. This folder is for PARENTS/GUARDIANS. It will contain graded work and notes from the school. Please sign the top sheet and return all papers from the sign and return side.

    Web Site/Email:
    Our school web site is www.iisd1.org. You can go to my site if you click on Campuses, Industrial Elementary East, First Grade and Melissa Storz. There will be links for your child if you have the Internet. Please visit my site often and email me with any questions, concerns, or comments.