•  Parents can now apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid).  The application opened 10/1/18.  Parents need to use their 2017 Tax Return.  This application is used to receive grants, loans and student work program.  Go to Free Application For Student 




     Here is a copy of the scholarship outline that the students are working on in class. Scholarship Essay Outline.  We are also currently working on resumes.  Students started applying today for college. (10/15/18)

    The Texas Tuition Promise Fund® (the “Plan”), established by the State of Texas and administered by the Texas Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board , is a prepaid tuition plan that allows families to lock in future tuition and school-wide required fees at Texas public colleges and universities at today’s prices. If you set up an account for your two-year-old grandchild in 2016, you can use the tuition units purchased now towards the equivalent number of semester credit hours 16 years from now. If your grandchild attends a Texas public college or university, it’s like purchasing a car now that will be manufactured in 2032 at the price charged for the 2016 model.
    Click on Link for more information  Texas Tuition Promise Newsletter
     All seniors need to make sure that they are TSI (Texas Success Initiative) exempt in order to take college classes through at any public college or university.  Victoria College does offer a TSI test.  The cost is $30 and you can register online at their website.  Here is the link.  TSI Test Information  This test will not keep students out of college, it will let the college know if they are college ready to take certain courses at the college.  If they do not score what is needed, then students will take developmental courses in English and/or math.
    Scores need from the TSI assessment are:
    Math - 350;  Reading - 351;  Writing (subjective)- 363 with an essay score of 4 or an essay score of 5 with any subjective writing score 
    Scores from the following tests can exempt students from taking the TSI.
    Critical Reading- 500+ and Math-500+ with those two scores added to a 1070
    English- 19+ and Math- 19+ with a composite score of a 23
    Look for important due dates for scholarships and college applications.  Students should be taking their SAT/ACT tests if they have not already.  Students can go to those websites listed on my links page and register for these tests.
    Any young man that turns 18 needs to register for the Selective Service. Here is the link to go online and register. SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION

    Unfortunately, not every young man will get this important message, and the results can be devastating. If a young man reaches age 26 without registering, he can be PERMANENTLY BARRED from ever receiving:

    • Federal student loans.

    • Placement in a federal job training program.

    • Eligibility for a job with the federal government.

    • A driver's license or license renewal in most states.


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