English Department Syllabus

    English I,II, III and IV

    Industrial High School



    Welcome to English where students will learn about literary elements, stylistic devices, modes of writing, as well as grammar and usage rules.



    Literature textbooks and or novels will be checked out to the student throughout the year.  As always, the student is responsible for any school materials checked out to him/her.  The student will be responsible for reimbursing the district for any lost or damaged items.



    As part of the Industrial High School English Department Curriculum requirements, students are required to read and test over Accelerated Reader books to earn points.  Each student is responsible for earning the number of points designated at his/her level for each grading period.  In addition, all English students are required to test over non-fiction AR books during two of the grading periods.  When non-fiction is required, the student is not responsible for having all AR points come from non-fiction sources.  The student merely has to take and pass one test over a non-fiction AR book.  Regardless of how many non-fiction tests the student takes, the total number of points must equal to the points required for his/her grade level.  If the student has not passed a non-fiction test during the designated grading period, the highest grade attainable for that grading period will be a 70.  A list of AR titles is available in the library.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT.  AR tests may be taken in an English teacher’s classroom or in the library. The student must have a copy of the book in order to test.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to take tests.  The AR dates will be clearly posted in the classroom, as well as on their teacher’s website; the cutoff period for earning points will be at 3:40 pm on the day that the points are due. There are no late points accepted for this long-term assignment.  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.  If a student is absent on the day that the points are due, he/she is still responsible for having his/her points by the deadline.  Extra AR points from one period will not carry over to the next period.  Students must come to class prepared to read.  Students will receive a major (60%) grade based on the total number of points earned and another daily (40%) grade based on the average of all of the AR tests taken for that grading period. ****A student may not use a Class reading to count for AR points unless it is read before teacher instruction!****


    AR Points required at each grade level:  10



    AR Extra Credit

    Students may earn 5 extra credit points to the “Major Grade” category if he or she earns all of their AR points by the AR early due date.  If a student doubles the required number of points, he/she will receive an additional 5 extra credit points to the “Major Grade” category; furthermore, the maximum number of AR extra credit points a student can earn per six weeks is 10—5 points for early date and 5 points for doubling the required points.




    Students will analyze news articles or nonfiction that present information about current issues and events.  Students will be expected to analyze, evaluate, synthesize and apply information after having annotated the piece being read.  A maximum of 3 entries (33pts. each entry- 10pts. for annotations; 20pts. for reflection; 3pts. on time) per six weeks will be required (check grades will be taken after each of the 3 entries).  Students must have all components of each 3 entries in order to receive a 100 for a major grade at the end of the six weeks. Students will receive a 40% daily grade for the checkpoints and a 60% major grade at the end of the six weeks for all 3 entries. 




    60% grades = major grades               May include (but are not limited to) such items as vocabulary exams, major projects, essays, journals, D.O.L. exams, 

                                                            major compositions and AR points


    40% grades = daily grades                 May include (but are not limited to) such items as AR quiz average, daily work, reading quizzes, homework, writing

                                                            evaluations, and literary term evaluations.


    Students will have at least 10 daily grades and 3 major grades each six weeks.  At no time will extra credit (assignments or points) be allowed to raise a student’s average above a score of 100.



    Note:  On various assignments, students will have grading rubrics tailored to their weaknesses.  Their grading criteria may differ from that of their peers.  Students will be expected to revise assignments to meet TEKS requirements.  The teacher may lower a student’s final score on an assignment one letter grade if appropriate corrections are not made by the assigned deadline.



     Each student is expected to complete all homework assignments.  Incomplete homework will definitely be reflected in the student’s overall average.



    Please refer to the Student Handbook for district policy.



    Cheating is not tolerated.  If the instructor suspects cheating, the paper(s) will be taken up and the student(s) will choose: 1) take a zero, or 2) reschedule and complete an alternative assignment/ exam/quiz for a time within two school days of the infraction.  If the instructor knows cheating is occurring, the grade will be a zero with no opportunity given for the student to make up the work.  Students caught cheating on a major assignment will automatically receive a referral.  Please be reminded that plagiarism is cheating.



    -          Always bring your supplies

    -          Respect yourself and others

    -          Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings

    -          Follow directions the first time they are given


    High School students have been in the education system long enough to understand appropriate and inappropriate classroom behavior.  If a student is disrespectful (such as class disruptions, foul language, discourteous or rude remarks) the following actions will be used:                         

                                                    First offense – verbal warning

                                                    Second offense – lunch, activity period or after school detention

                                                    Third offense – conference with the principal/parent


    If at any time inappropriate behavior is of a nature that requires the intervention of a third party in order for the class to continue with the least amount of disruption, the instructor reserves the right to remove the student via referral to the office.



    English teachers will distribute hall passes each six weeks that are to be used when leaving the classroom.  Students will not be allowed to leave the room without the pass unless it is an emergency.  The hall pass allows students to leave the room four times during the six weeks.  Students who have unused passes may turn them in for extra credit (60%).  One point will be awarded for each unused pass (a possible 4 points per pass).  Students may use these points in any six weeks, but they may not be used for semester or final exams.



    Teacher:  Christy Deyton

    Email: cdeyton@industrialisd1.org

    Conference Period: (2nd)8:53- 9:42



    -          Read and respond to classic literature and current issues.

    -          Write essays of various formats and genres.

    -          Refine grammar and usage skills.

    -          Complete a major research project.

    -          Expand personal reading through Accelerated Reader

    -          Complete assignments in an organized manner.

    Class Reading List (in order):
    - The Crucible
    - The Great Gatsby
    - The Scarlet Letter 


    STUDENT SUPPLIES                                                                                      CLASSROOM SUPPLIES (to be left in class)

    Paper/pens/pencils/highlighters                                                                       4th period- 1 pkg. stick glue

    1 composition book                                                                                         5th period- 1 pkg. blue or black pens  
     1- 1" or 1 1/2" binder                                                                                     6th period- 1 roll of scotch tape (for dispenser)                                                                                                                                   
     1 pkg. dividers                                                                                               7th period- 1 box of Kleenex
    1-2 pkgs. wide ruled notebook paper                                             







                                                                                                    ENGLISH III

            Mrs. Deyton







    Please provide the information below and note the contact method you prefer so that I may contact you if needed.  I am often able to respond to emails faster than to phone calls during the school day.


    Contact #1_______________________________  Relationship to student___________________


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    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions pertaining to your child’s progress in class or you have any questions pertaining to the course.





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