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    Cafeteria Services


    The district participates in the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program and offers students nutritionally balanced meals daily. Free and reduced-price meals are available based on financial need. Information about a student’s participation is confidential. See the campus secretary to apply.

    The district follows the federal and state guidelines regarding foods of minimal nutritional value being served or sold on school premises during the school day. [For more information, see policy CO(LEGAL).]

    Prices for Lunch and Breakfast 2016-2017

    ELEMENTARY STUDENTS:                                                        Breakfast                 Lunch

    Regular School Lunch                                         1.25                        2.25

    Al-A-Cart Entrée (main course entrée of the day)                            .50                          1.00

    Al-A-Cart Entrée (as a second)                                                                                        .75

    Al-A-Cart Side Dishes                                                                     .25                           .30

    Employee regular meal                                                                  2.10                        3.60

    Visitor                                                                                           5.00                         5.00

    Reduced                                                                                         .30                            .40

    Milk                                                                                                .50                            .50



    Regular School Lunch                         1.75                       2.75

    Al-A-Cart Entrée (main course entrée of the day)                             .50                          1.50

    Al-A-Cart Entrée (as a second)                                                           .50                             1.25

    Al-A-Cart Side Dishes                                                                      .25                            .35

    Employee regular meal                                                                    2.10                        3.60

    Visitor                                                                                             5.00                         5.00

    Reduced                                                                                            .30                           .40

    Milk or Juice                                                                                      .50                           .50

    Ice Cream                                                                                                                        1.00 (HS only)

    Note: Free & Reduced Students only receive their first meal at the free or reduced price, each item after that requires regular priced payment by the student. The Salad Meal does qualify as a reimbursable meal.

    Students are allowed 3 charges. On the 4th and subsequent charges the student will be provided a peanut butter and jelly sandwich meal at the regular cost of a school lunch.