• Math Models with Applications Syllabus
    Instructor:  Cheryl Weixelman
    Industrial High School

    Welcome to Math Models with Applications!  Your success in Math Models depends on how well you develop the self discipline to pay attention in class, complete your work, turn it in on time, and ask questions when you do not understand. I expect your best effort at all times. If you do this, we will have a great year!

    Required Supplies
    dividers (5)
    loose leaf paper
    grading pen
    batteries for calculator (4-AAA)
    *TI 84+ graphing calculator

    *These calculators are available to check out from the library. You will be required to supply the batteries.

    Unit 1: A Review of Algebra Fundamentals
    Unit 2: Fundamentals of Mathematical Modeling
    Unit 3: Applications of Algebraic Modeling
    Unit 4: Graphing
    Unit 5: Functions
    Unit 6: Mathematical Models in Consumer Math
    Unit 7: Modeling with Systems of Equations
    Unit 8: Probability Models
    Unit 9: Modeling with Statistics

    Grading Policy
    Your six weeks average will be determined using the following system:

    Daily Average:  40%
    Major Work Average:  60%

     Daily grades include:                       Major work grades include             
    1.  Homework assignments                 1. Exams                    
    2.  In-class assignments                      2. Projects                  
    3. Quizzes                                           3. Notebook
    4.  Lab activities
    5.  Check grades

    Homework will receive either a numerical grade or a check grade. Check grades are a means of checking how much effort that you put into an assignment. I will check to see that the majority of the problems have been attempted, and provided that the assignment has been turned in promptly, the student will receive a check. I will also use check grades as a means of keeping track of which students have turned in their progress reports, graphing calculator contracts, and other various forms. I will do a textbook and supplies inspection periodically and will document this with a check. Check grades are assigned as follows:

    √   indicates all problems were attempted and assignment completed on time
    -    assignment partially completed or late
    Ø   indicates the assignment was missing or less than half of the problems are

    These check grades will accumulate into 2 daily grades. At the end of the six weeks, a student will have two 100’s if there were no –‘s or Ø’s. Each – will count off 2 points and each Ø will count off 4 points. Short quizzes, in-class assignments, and lab activities will also receive numerical grades and count as daily grades. For example Student Q has the following daily grades:
    Student Q












    To find student Q’s daily average, add the numerical grades.
    92 + 95 + 80 + 87 + 90 + 93 + 89 + 90 = 716
    Take 8 points off of 100 (two –‘s and one Ø), and use this twice.
    716 + 92 + 92 = 900
    Now divide by 10 (8 numerical grades and 2 check grades).
    900 / 10 = 90
    Student Q’s daily average would be a 90.

    Late Work
    Late work is highly discouraged! I will follow the district guidelines for late work. See your student handbook for details.

    Classroom Rules
    1.  Be seated and ready to work when the tardy bell rings and remain seated throughout the period unless given permission to do otherwise. 
    2.  Show respect for all school personnel, self, and others.  (No talking back and no profane or abusive language.)
    3.  Bring all required supplies to class.  (Text, notebook, paper, pencil, calculator, ruler, and whatever else I tell you).
    4.  Remain attentive and alert.  (Class participation is expected at all times!)

    First Minor Offense---------------------------Warning
    Second Minor Offense------------------------Detention
    Third Minor Offense--------------------------Detention and Parent Notified
    Fourth Minor Offense-------------------------Office Referral
    Major Offense---------------------------------Office Referral

     It is imperative that you “keep up” in this class.  You are expected to do your own work and to do it well.  Your success depends on your willingness to be challenged and on how well you develop the self discipline to complete your work, turn it in on time, and ask questions when you do not understand.  I expect your best effort at all times.  If you do this, we will have a great year!