Mrs. Akin’s 8th Grade Honors Science

    Classroom Rules and Procedures



    Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Listen and follow instructions.
    2. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.
    3. Respect all others and their property at all times.
      4. Bring all materials to class every day. Leave backpacks, food, drinks, and gum outside!
    4. Obey all laboratory rules and school rules.


    Positive Consequences:

    For every day that you choose to follow all the rules, you will receive a check.  At the end of each six week grading period, checks may be used to improve your grade:

    5 checks- extra 10 points on a daily assignment or automatic makeup of a daily quiz to a 70
    10 checks- extra 5 points on a test or automatic makeup of a daily assignment to an 80
    20 checks-extra 10 points on a test

    Checks may not be used to improve any grade that is a zero due to never having done or made a valid effort to do the assignment.

    During the final week of the six weeks, you should be prepared to use your checks.  You must turn in a written request explaining how you want the checks distributed.  This request must be turned in to the tray and must have your name on it.  It is your responsibility to decide how the checks will do you the most good.  Checks not used in a six weeks will be carried over to the next six weeks.

    Negative Consequences:

    If you choose not to follow the rules, here are the consequences:

    1. First offense = Verbal warning
    2. Second offense = Verbal warning, loss of check, time-out
    3. Third offense = student and/or parent conference
    4. Fourth offense = office referral

    Any extremely inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will result in an office referral and immediate removal from the classroom.  This includes, but is not limited to: fighting, profanity, and disregard for authority.



    Daily grades - 40% - Includes all class work and
                         homework assignments, quizzes, and journals.

    Major grades - 60% - Includes Unit tests, DOS tests,
                          Current Event reports, and major projects.


    Late Work:

    One day late -11 points

    **No work will be accepted over one day late unless student was absent.**

    Classroom Procedures:

    1. All Science papers should be kept in your science binder. We will keep all science papers for an entire six-week period before cleaning out our binders.


    1. A warm-up will be completed every day at the beginning of class. We will be using Study Island and Quizlet.
    2. A current event report will be due each six-week period. This will be a major grade.


    1. All science work is to be completed in pencil unless otherwise specified. Points will be deducted for work done in pen.


    1. Write a heading on every paper you turn in! On the top left, include your full name and period. On the top right, include the date. Your heading is part of your grade.


    1. Spelling counts! One point will be taken off for each misspelled word. You may get your point back by correctly writing the word three times.


    1. We will not be doing test corrections, so STUDY!


    1. Safety is important in the science lab. Follow all instructions and do not touch any lab equipment until instructed to do so. The lab sinks are not to be used unless permission has been given.


    1. The bell does not dismiss you. You may leave the classroom only after I have dismissed you. You must remain seated until that time. The room must be in order before you leave.


    1. When you return from being absent, it is your responsibility to get your absent work from me. You will have two days to make up the work for each day you were absent. Please write “ABSENT” on your work when you turn it in.


    1. You will be given a consumable textbook for this school year. This book is required for class. If this book is lost or damaged at any time throughout the school year, you will be responsible for the replacement at a fee of $25.00.


    1. If you need extra help, please schedule a day to come after school for tutoring.