Welcome, this year we will be taking a journey through United States History from the end of Reconstruction to the present. Students will be taking an active role in examining what course of events have shaped and had an impact on our nation’s culture and political make up today. Students will be taking part in active discussions and assignments that will guide them in learning more about our nation and its policies towards other nations. Students will gain knowledge that will not only allow them to have success on the STAAR US HISTORY exam in May, but also to be a well-informed citizen as they continue through their lives.

    8/25—9/5 Westward Expansion and the Gilded Age

                      9/8—Westward Expansion and Age Exam

    9/9—9/19 Progressive Era

                      9/22—Progressive Era Exam

    9/23—10/3 Rise of World Powers

                      10/6—Rise of World Powers Exam

    10/7—10/22 Transition to Modern America

                      10/23—Transition to Modern America Exam

    10/24—11/10 Great Depression and New Deal

                      11/11—Great Depression and New Deal Exam

    11/12—12/2 America Reacts to World War I

                      12/3—America Reacts to World War I Exam

    12/4—12/17 World War II

                      12/18—World War II Exam

    1/5—1/22 Onset of the Cold War

                      1/23-- Onset of the Cold War Exam

    1/26—2/3 Civil Rights Movement

                      2/4-- Civil Rights Movement Exam

    2/5—2/19 New Frontiers and Familiar Enemies, Foreign Relations

                      2/20—New Frontiers and Familiar Enemies, Foreign Relations Exam

    2/23—3/18 1970s—1990

                      3/19—1970s—1990 Exam

    3/20—4/1 1990—Present

                      4/2—1990—Present Exam

    4/7—4/16 Ever Changing America

                      4/17—Ever Changing America Exam


                      5/7- STAAR US HISTORY EXAM****

    5/11—6/3 End of the Year Project and Presentation

    SUPPLIES: 3 Subject Spiral Journal

    Notebook Paper

    OTHER SUPPLIES (optional-some students like to have their own)

    Map Pencils, Markers, I will have bins that students can use.

    NOTEBOOK- Students may keep all papers organized in one area to be used as a resource throughout the year and a study guide.


    Major Grades (test/projects)-60%

    Daily Grades -40%

    Homework will be given through the year.

    Late Work Policy:

    Late work will be accepted within (3) days of due date with a maximum grade of 70.

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