CONFERENCE: MF 2:01-2:46 TTh 1:53-2:42 W 2:14-2:59


    Welcome to a new year at Industrial High School. We will be going on historical journey through American History, starting in 1877 with the end of Reconstruction and ending up all the way in the present with the Donald Trump presidency. Students will be taking an active role in examining the events that occurred in the late 19th century until today that shaped America and what it represents today including political and cultural make up. There will be active discussions, critical thinking, and guided assessments that will allow the students the opportunity to learn more about their country and the evolution of its economy, both at home and involvement abroad. Students will gain knowledge throughout the year to not only allow them to have success on the STAAR US HISTORY exam at the end of the school year, but also to be informed about their own country that they can use for years to come.

    Throughout the year we will be going into a number of topics, and will have an exam at the end of each unit to check understanding. Below are the topics that will be covered:

    Industry and Immigration

    Challenges in the late 1800s

    America Comes Of Age

    World War I

    Post WWI and the 1920s

    Great Depression and the New Deal

    America Reacts to World At War

    Onset of Cold War, the 1950s, and early 1960s

    Civil Rights Movement

    The Vietnam Era

    An Era of Change

    1980s and 1990s

    Twenty-First Century



    - 3 Ring Binder

    - Notebook Paper

    - Pens and Pencils

    - Set of Dividers


    · Major Grades 60%