• US HISTORY WEEK 1 8/25- 8/29

    Monday:  1. Classroom Information:  Students will be given information on the rules and expectations of the class.  Students will also be given the syllabus for the year.  We will go over the syllabus and discuss what will be going on throughout the year.  Students will also be given the opportunity to receive their first daily grade if they return the syllabus on Tuesday with the information filled out.  After discussing the syllabus; students will be participating in a classroom discussion titled "What is History and Why do we study it?"  Students will spend about 8 minutes brainstorming and writing down their responses on a sheet of paper.  We will then actively discuss student responses and analyze their answers.  Then student will help the instructor explain what makes something historical.  Digging for responses such as: an event that changed a gov't, law, or had an impact on technology, politics, etc. Filling up the whiteboard with responses. At the close of class students will then write about what they remember from their JR High US history class in which they covered US History from colonization to the end of Reconstruction in 1877. Students will then turn in their responses into the basket.
    Tuesday:  Students will begin class analyzing two political cartoons dealing with Westward Expansion in the late 1800's.  Students will be given about 8 minutes to analyze each political cartoon and write about what they think it means.  Students will then participate in a lesson and a power point presentation discussing Westward Expansion in the Late 1800's.  Discussing issues such as Americans pushing west, and the impacts it had on our relationships with Native Americans, as well as the impacts on Society, Culture and the Economy.  Students will then close by discussing their responses to the political cartoons, and we will analyze those responses as a class.  Students will close class by writing a response to an excerpt from Frederick Jackson Turners Fronteir Thesis 1893.  
    Wednesday:  Students will be given Westward Expansion Vocabulary and Reading Assignment.  Students will have class time to work on vocabulary and  Reading Assignment. "War in the West and Western Farmer" Page 162-176.  Students will then be making a diagram on construction paper, showing the National Laws that came about during this time and what impact they had on Native Americans and Americans moving west.
    Thursday:  Students will begin class once again analyzing an excerpt from from the textbook on page 174.  "The Western Novel"  Students will write their responses on notebook paper and then we will discuss the responses as a class.  Students will then have an opportunity to complete their diagram of National Laws that came about during this westward expansion and then turn them into the basket.  Students will then close by analyzing a map on the overhead projector and discussing the information we can draw from it.
    Friday: Students will begin discussing and taking notes over the power point presentation "The Gilded Age."  Students will be discussing the issues and events and explaining how these events affected society, culture, politics, etc...... 
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  • Week 2 Lesson Plans

    9-2 Tuesday

     Students will continue to discuss the issues of the Gilded Age, through Lecture and powerpoint presentation that we started on Friday.  We will be looking into the corruption in society, government, and business practices that led to movements in the early 1900s that kick start the Progressive Era.
    9-3 After finishing Powerpoint presentation and discussion students will begin working on Westward Expansion and Gilded Age Test Review.  Students may work in groups to discuss their answers as they work at defining important terms and answering questions.
    9-4 Students will continue to Work on Westward Expansion and Gilded age review.
    9-5 Students will be graded over their review and then we will be going over the review as a class to prepare for the exam on Monday. 
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  • Week 3 Lesson Plans

    Monday September 8:  Students will complete Unit 1 Exam: The Gilded Age.  The Test will be formatted in the style of the EOC/STAAR Exam which students will take on May 7, so students become more familiar with these style of questions.

    Tuesday September 9: Students will receive their graded exams.  Exams may be corrected and turned in by Friday of this week.  Students will then begin the Progressive era.  Students will read in book "The Progressive Movement" pages 274-279 in their textbook.  Students will then complete Section 1 Review on page 279 #'s 1,3,and 4.  This will be due on Wednesday September 10.

    Wednesday September 10: Students will turn in Section 1 Review.  Students will then read and discuss in small groups "The Populist Movement." Page 259-265 In the small groups, students will create an outline from the reading, discussing the problems of farmers out west in the late 1800s, The Grange Movement, Farmers Alliance, "gold Standard", the Populist Party, and William Jennings Bryant. Students will be making connections on the impacts that 3rd parties have on elections. Outlines will be due at the end of class on Thursday.
    Thursday September 11: Students will continue to work on the Group Outlines over "The Populist Movement." This will be due at the end of class. 
    Friday September 12:  Students will be reading Section 3 "Reforming Society" pages 286-293 in their textbook.  This sections will discuss the Social changes that came about as a result of the changes made during the Progressive era.  Students will read the section and discuss ways that society had changes in small groups, for example the roles of women and children, cleaning up the cities, and racial tensions.  Students will then complete Section 3 Review #'s 1,2, and 4
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  • Week 4 Lesson Plans

     Monday September 15:  Students will participate in an active lecture and PowerPoint presentation over the Progressive Era.  Students will be making connections between the Problems in America during the Gilded Age and How the Progressives Attacked these issues and really set out to change society, government, and business to elevate the standard of living in America in the Late 1800s and transitioning into the early 2900s.  Students will take notes from the PowerPoint presentation.


    Tuesday September 16:  Students will be introduced to a reading packet "The Progressive Movement" in this packet students will read and answer questions about the social, political and business reform that was taking place during the Progressive Era.  Students will read an excerpt from Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.  They will also analyze a speech front he Progressive President Theodore Roosevelt.  Students will be asked to complete the reading packet assignment by Wednesday September 17. It will be due as soon as they walk in the door.  So if not completed in class, the students will need to complete it for homework.
    Wednesday September 17: Students will begin a major assignment.  Students will have the option of two assignments:
          1. Students will create a propaganda poster from the Progressive Era.  Students wildly be asked to choose an issue during the Progressive Era that reformers attacked and wanted to fix.  They will then try to persuade fellow citizens to fight for reform and change through illustrating a poster that they could hang in the streets.  This poster should motivate citizens to get involved.  Students will be graded on accuracy, neatness, and whether the poster really grabs the attention of those that would be walking by.
        2.  Students will imagine they are a journalist that was described as "muckrakers" during the progressive.  Some examples are people like Upton Sinclair, Jacob Rios, and Ida Tarbell.  Students will imagine they are writing an article attacking one of the issues that reformers were trying to correct during the Progressive Era.  Students will need to persuade their readers that the conditions that were going on during this time needed change and it was time to act.  Examples of issues that were attacked during this time were: child labor, poor working conditions, corruption in politics, government and business...........
    This assignment will be due first thing on Thursday when students walk in the door. 
    Thursday September 18:   Students will turn in their major assignment, the progressive era posterand or the Muckraker article as soon as they walk in. 
    1. Students will begin working on the Progressive Era Review.  Students will completing the review over the Progressive era making connections between the changes made during this time to fix corruption in business and politics as well as business. Students will also look at the changes made to fix social issues of the time.  Students will turn in this review on Tuesday for a grade and will then participate in going over the review in class to prepare for the test that will be on Wednesday.
    Friday  September 19:  Students will continue to work on their review in class, they will be given time on Monday to complete the review due to today being a little shorter class periods due to homecoming festivities.
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  • Week 5 Lesson Plans September 22-26

    Monday September 22: 1. Students may work with a partner to complete the review, discussing with each other the answers and collectively gathering information.  Students will turn in their reviews on Tuesday to be graded and we will prepare as a class to go over the review.


    Tuesday September 23:  Students will turn in their reviews and we will discuss their answers as a class.  Reviewing cooperatively for the exam on Wednesday.
    Wednesday September 24:  Students will completed "The Progressive Era" unit exam.  Students will then begin reading in the book about American Imperialism and events leading up to World War I
    Thursday September 25:  Students will have the opportunity to correct their test to receive credit towards heir grade.  Test Corrections must be turned in by Friday September 26.  Students will then begin "America Builds and Empire" reading packet.  This packet has questions and tables to answer and fill in.  It also has study cards that will help students gain more information and prepare for the exam.  This packet is due on Monday September 29.
    Friday September 26:  Students will complete test corrections and turn those in, and will then continue to work on their reading packet over American Imperialism.   These packets are due on Monday September 29.
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  • Week 6 September 29- October 3

    Monday September 29:  1. Students will turn in their "America Builds and Empire" Reading Packets.

    2.  Students will participate in classroom discussion and take notes over American Imperialism.  Students will analyze the reasons America got involved in expanding their borders.  Individuals like Teddy Roosevelt, Alfred Thayer Mahan , and Joseph Pulitzer will be discussed, topics such as the Spanish American War, yellow journalism, USS Maine, and reasons we got involved in foreign affairs.  Students will take notes in their spirals and participate in answering questions and discussing topics.

     Tuesday September 30, Wednesday October 1, Thursday October 2:
    1. Students will be lead through a 3 part video over American Imperialism and the Spanish American War.  The film is Titled: "Crucible of an Empire: The Spanish American War.". Students will be taking notes over the video.  Answering questions such as, Why did America get involved in the Spanish American War?  Who were important individuals throughout this period of history and what impact each of these individuals have?  Also a big question is over the debate on whether or not America should be an Imperialist nation going into the early 1900s.  What impact will it have if the United States chooses to control these new territories or what would happen if we allow these territories to rule themselves.......
    Friday October 3
    Students will read pages 340-344 in the book.  "American Expansion into Latin America" Students will be reading about American Expansion into Panama in order to build the Panama Canal.  Students will study discuss the importance of this event, why Panama was chosen for this canal and the process that America took in trying to gain this territory.  Students will also analyze the role Theodore Roosevelt played in the construction of the canal.
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  • Week 7 October 6-10

    Monday October 6th
    Students will participate in  creating their own Poster listing the causes of WWI.  Students will be given the acronym "MANIA" to help them remember the causes of the war.  Students will describe each of the causes and describe what role they played in the outbreak of World War 1.  The poster will be due on Tuesday  October 7.  
    Tuesday October 7th
    Students will participate in a lecture and class discussion describing WWI.  We will go through the causes and put them in order.  Students will be directed in discussing the issue of what makes World War I the first Modern War.  We will discuss some of the major battles and technology used during the war.  Who was on what side and what each country was trying to accomplish.  Students will also analyze the chain of events that  led to American involvement in the war.  How American society changed during wartime and the impact of this on government and business.  We will then Analyze the Treaty of Versailles and talk about who it put the blame for the war on and How it left Germany with a lot of ill feelings and unresolved questions that possibly led to World War II.  Students will be given a copy of the power point presentation used during this lecture.
    Wednesday October 8th, and Thursday October 9th.
    Students will be given these two days to complete the Rise of World Powers review.  The test will be on Monday October 13th. Students will be tested over America From the Outbreak of the Spanish American war in 1898 to the end of World War I and the affects of the war to 1919.
    Friday October 10
    Students will be led in going over the review.  We will cover all the information on the review, and will discuss any questions students may have.  We will use this time to prepare for the test on Monday.  Students will be expected to study over the weekend and be prepared to take the test on Monday. 
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  • Week 8 October 13-17

    Monday October 13 
    Students will be completing Rise of World Powers Unit Exam.  After they Finish students will begin to read out of the book about the 1920's.
    Tuesday October 14
    Students will be given back their test.  Test Corrections are to be turned in by Friday October 17.  Students must write the Question and correct answer on Notebook paper, Staple it to their test and then turn it in.  Students will begin "The Roaring 20's" reading packet assignment.  Students will read the packet and then answer the questions as they go through the packet.  These packets will be due at the end of Class on Wednesday October 15th.
    Wednesday October 14
    Students will turn in their Roaring 20's reading packet and then students will take notes over a video Titled "The Presidents"  This video will go through the presidencies of Warren G. Harding, Calving Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover.  Students will take notes over the events that they see of the 1920s.  Social issues, economic conditions.  Students will participate in classroom discussion on what effects certain events that took place in the 20s had on American society.
    Thursday October 15
    Students will be presented with a powerpoint presentation over American Society in the 1920s.  Students will be asked to make a T-chart describing the different views of American Society during this time.  On one side you have the Old traditional ways and fundamentalists vs the more modern view of things that was really growing around urban culture. Students will be lectured over the Scopes Monkey trial and Prohibition and we will look at how this altered societies thoughts and views.  Students will also see and take notes over the changes that occured in society due to the mass production of the automobile.
    Friday October 16
    Students will turn in their T-Chart over the 1920s.  Students will read in their book pages 414-421 "Boom Times."  In this section students will read about the Economic prosperity of the 1920s, Studnets will look at Government changes that provided the environment for economic prosperity.  Students will look at the growth of advertising and consumer goods, and how these were connected.  Students will alos read about the growth of pop culture, such as sports, movies and entertainment of the 1920s.  After they read students will complete Section 1 Review on page 421.  They will answer Questions 1,2, and 4
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  • Week 9 Monday October 20- Friday October 25

    Monday October 20
    Students will turn in Assignment from Friday.  Students will then be presented with a powerpoint describing the economic prosperity of the 1920s.  Students will participate and follow along in their copy of the notes which they will be given.  We will discuss the economics of the 1920s and look at what conditions came about that led to the Stockmarket crash in 1929.  Sudents will discuss the idea of buying on credit, buying stocks on the margin and overspeculation.  We will dicuss what made the roaring 20s a time of economic prosperity, but set the United States up for massive failure at the end of the 20s.
    Tuesday October 21
    Students will write an essay assignment describing the positive changes in society that occured during the 1920s, as well as describing the events and issues that set our economy up for failure in 1929.  Students will use their notes and books to help them compose this essay and will turn it into the basket at the end of the period.
    Wednesday and Thursday October 22 and 23
    Students will be given the Unit Review over the 1920s.  Students will have these two days to complete the review.  Students may work with a partner and use their notes and book to complete the review.  We will go over the review and grade it on Friday.
    Friday October 25
    Students will be graded over their review and then we will go over the review to prepare for our Unit Exam on Monday. 
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  • Week 10 October 27- Friday October 31

    Monday October 27
    Students will complete The Roaring 20s Unit Exam. 
    Tuesday October 28
    Students will come into class and will get out a sheet of Notebook Paper.  Students will be watching a documentary of the Great Depression that was produced by PBS.  Students will see first hand videos and listen to first hand accounts of what life during the Great Depression was like.  On their Notebook paper, students are to take 15 notes over the film, the notes will be statements from the accounts that they hear or things that they saw that caught their attention. Students will turn in those notes for a daily grade into the basket at the end of class. We will finish about the last 5 minutes of the film on Wednesday and discuss the information they encountered.   
    Wednesday October 29
    Students will finish the last 5 or so minutes of the Film from yesterday.  We will hold a class discussion over what the students saw on the video as well as answering questions.  Students will be introduced to their next assignment which will be a team assignment in which the students may work in pairs.  Students will be given a powerpoint presentation over the Early years of the Great Depression.  Students will use these notes to answer the questions for the assignment.  Each students is to turn in their seperate assigments even though they may work in pairs.  Students will answer questions such as What Economic influences led to the great depression?  What affect did the Depression have on American Society? and How did politicians differ in trying to find solutions to the failing economy.  The Great Depression Team Assignment will be due first thing on Thursday when the Student arrives to class.  Students may also have some time in class to finish their test corrections.
    Thursday October 30
    Students will turn in their Great Depression Team Assignment.  We will then begin a presentation and lecture over the Election of Franklin Roosevelt and his "New Deal"  Students will be led through a lecture and will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss events and terms as we go through the presentation.  We will look at how Roosevelt wanted to try and solve the Depression and some of his programs that have lasted into the present.
    Friday October 31
    Students will begin the New Deal Reading Packet Assignment.  Students will read information about Roosevelts projected program to help solve the problems of the depression and as they read students will be asked to answer multiple critical thinking questions in the packet.  These will help students connect causes and effects and understand the influence some of these programs had on today's economy.  The New Deal Reading Packet Assignment will be due on Monday, November 3
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  • Week 11 November 3-November 7

    Week 11 November 3- November 7
    Monday November 3 and Tuesday November 4:  Students will complete the " NEW DEAL POSTER PROJECT"  THis will be a major Grade and will be due on Tuesday November 4th.  Students will be analyzing the benefits of Roosevelt's New Deal programs that helped the unemployed of America during the Great Depression.  Students will choose one of the programs and create a propaganda poster to help motivate the unemployed to sieze the opportunity to have a job with their program.  Students will describe their program on the back of the poster and will also explain the Impact that their program had on America and Society.  Students may choose form programs such as the Civilian Conservation Core, Works Progress Administration, Public Works Association, and Tennessee Valley Authority,......... Studnets will make their poster colorful and accurate to the purpose of the Program to which they chose.
    Wednesday November 5, Thursday November 6th, and Friday November 7th.
    Students will be bringing the Great Depression and New Deal Unit to a close.  We will Complete the unit review on Wednesday and Thursday.  Students will be given the opportunity to work and discuss in groups the questions on the review and analyze the impacts of events that occurred during this time period.   Students will complete the Review and then on Friday we will grade and Discuss the answers to the review as a class and prepare ourselves for the Exam on Monday.  
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  • Week 12 Nov 10-Nov 14

    Monday- Students will Complete The Great Depression and New Deal Unit Exam.  Students may Correct this test and Corrections will be due on Friday November 14.
    Tuesday Students will be completing and Assignment from the Book.  Student will be introduced to World War II by looking at the causes of the war and how Dictators rose to power.  Students will also read about the rise of Militarism.  Students will read from the book.  Page 502-517.  Students will then complete the Section Reviews on Page 506 and 517.  On both section reviews students are to complete numbers 1-4.
    Wednesday, Students are to finish the Section Reviews and then Begin on Great Depression and New Deal Test Corrections.  Students are to turn in their Book work when they are finished.
    Thursday Students will be participating in a lecture and Group discussion on the Beginning of WWII.  We will discuss the rise of Hitler and present a powerpoint on the beginning of the war.   Students will be taking notes and answering questions.
    Friday:  We will complete the powerpoint presentation and then Students will have some extra time to turn in their test corrections. 
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  • Monday 11-17 to Friday 11-21

    Monday and Tuesday
    Students will be viewing a video titled World War II from Outer Space.  This program was put on by the History Channel and does a great job using sattelite images to explain the strategies and fighting used during World War II.  Students will look at specific battles such as D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, and the Island hopping campaign in the Pacific.
    Wednesday Students will complete Section 1 review.  Page 534 1-4.  Students will read about the early difficulties we had during World WarII.  American inexperience and early fighting in North Africa.  Section 1 Review is Due by the end of Class.
    Thursday:  Students will begin "America enters the War" Reading Packet.  Students will Read and answer questions in the packet.
    Friday:  Students will be completing Leaders of World War II Poster Project.  Allied and Axis Powers.  This is Due on Monday 11-24. 
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  • 11-24 and 11-25

    Monday and Tuesday
    Students will be completing "War in Europe" Reading Packet.  Students will be looking at the fighting that was taking place in Europe, with the invasion of Germany, pushing back Japan in the Pacific, the Manhattan Project, and ultimately the decision to use the nuclear bomb.  Students will read the packet and answer questions from within the packet.  This will be due on Tuesday before students leave for Thanksgiving.
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  • Week of Dec 1

    Students will be looking at the end of World War II.  We will be reading "End of the War" Page 549-555 out of our textbook.
    Students will then complete Section 4 Review #'s 1-4 on Page 555.  They will turn this in completed for a daily grade.  Students will look and read about the Manhattan Project, the dropping of the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and how the War came to an end.
    Tuesday-Friday.  Students will be completing World War II Unit Review.  Students will be Completing a 3 part review over this unit Including Vocabulary, Important People Places and Events Part 1, and Part 2.  Students will be working together and answering all questions.  We will go over the review on Monday Dec.8 
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  • Week of Dec 8

    Monday Dec 8
    Students will be participating in World War II unit Review.  We will discuss all topics on Word War II review, Students will have the opportunity to discuss answers and ask questions.  Students need to Study for their Unit Exam tomorrow Dec. 9.
    Tuesday:  World War II Unit Exam
    Wednesday-  Students will read from Textbook "Healing the Wounds of War" Page 560-566.  Students will read about how Europe was reorganized after World War II and then begin looking at the competition that develops between the Soviet Union and the United States which comes to be known as the Cold War.  Students will complete Section 1 Review on page 565 #'s 1-4 and turn it into the basket for a daily grade.
    Thursday and Friday
    Students will Read and Complete "America in the Cold War and Civil Rights Years" Reading Packet,  Students will begin reading about the Cold War, our relationship with the Soviet Union and how it grew into a rivalry after World War II.  Students will complete questions throughout the reading packet and then will turn in their completed assignment on Friday Dec. 12. 
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  • Week of December 15

    Monday through Thursday 
    Students will be completing Inventions of the 1900's project.   
    1. Students will select an invention from any point in the 1900s they feel had a major impact on American Society.
    2. Students will then research the invention they selected answering the questions, Who? What? Where? Why? How?  Students may use their electronic devices to research their invention on the internet.  
    3.   Students will write a 2 page informative essay on their Invention Answering the questions listed above. Students will also describe the impact their invention had on American Society.  For example, did the invention change how people live their daily lives? Did the invention help us win a war? Id the invention still used today?
    4.  Students will create a poster advertising their invention, including who invented it and then telling us all the great things it did............
    Project is due on Thursday  Dec 18.  This will be counted as a Major Grade.
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  • Week of Jan 5-9

    Monday-  Begin discussing Cold War
    1. Students will read "The Cold War Begins"  Page 564-571
    2.  Students will then Complete Section 2 Assesment on Page 571 1-4.  This includes vocabulary words and answering questions over their reading.
    Tuesday:  Students will turn in assignment from Monday.  Students will then begin Truman Doctrine Essay.  Students will use the book and their knowledge of US History to compose a 1 page essay discussing the influence of the Truman Doctrine on American foreign policy.  They will be asked to discuss the Korean War and how the war ended.  
    Wednesday:  Students will turn in their essay from Tuesday.  Today we will be going over a power point presentation over the beginning of the Cold War.  Students will participate in discussion of the philosophical differences between the Soviet Union and the United States at the end of World War II.  We will discuss the growing competition between the Soviet Union and the United States, and how this affected the chain of events through the course of the latter 1900s.
    Thursday:  Students will complete "Cold War" Worksheet.  Students will gather information form the Powerpoint Presentation and Notes from yesterday and will answer questions to complete the worksheet. This will be due Friday.
    Friday:  Students will begin Semester Final, which will be the Released 2014 STAAR/EOC Test.  They will begin this assessment today due to it being 68 questions long to ensure that they will have enough time to complete it.  Students will complete this exam next week during the time set aside for them to take their semester finals.  Data will be collected from the results of this exam and put together to study and plan areas to review and go over before the official EOC Exam in May. 
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  • Week of January 20- 23

    Tuesday: Students Will read Pages 579-585 "The Cold War at home"  
                   Students will then use the information in the reading to complete Section 4 Review on Page 585. Students will complete questions 1-4.  This will be due at the end of class.
    Wednesday: Students will be watching video "The Cold War Comrades"  This video will cover the growing tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States through  World War II.  Students will see footage of the meetings at Yalta and Potsdam Conferences between Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin Roosevelt.  Students will also see footage of Harry Truman and discuss issues such as what was Europe going to look like after the war with trying to replace borders and restore countries.
    THursday:  Students will read "The Challenges of Peace" page 592-597.  Students will then create and outline of this section using a model which I have written on the board.  Students will discuss issues such as problems in post war United States, labor relations, the role of women, civil rights, and the Election of 1948.  Students will complete the outline and it will be due on Friday.
    Friday:  Students will complete Outline to "The Challenges of Peace." 
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  • Week of January 26- 30

    Monday- Students will view a 3 Part Video of the 1950s, discussing the Korean War, American Society, the Nuclear Scare, and the Civil Rights Movement.
    Tuesday:  Students will finish viewing Video from Monday,  Students will then begin "1950's Group Project."  Students will be split into groups and will go through 5 Stations.  Students will be given 15 minutes to complete each station.  Station 1:  Students will watch a 8 minute video titled "A date with my Family."  This video describes how a typical evening family dinner would go in the 1950s.  Students will be asked to analyze what they have seen and then answer questions about the video. Station 2: Students will be asked to write a one page skit over one of the topics listed at that station over the 1950s.  Examples "Baby Boom, Civil Rights, the effects of the Automobile,  Rebelling teenagers."  Station 3:  Students will be asked to search the internet and answer questions in the "1950s Scavenger Hunt."  Students will be looking at things such as how much was a new car in the 50s, what were the top music hits, etc.....  Station 4:  Students will be asked to analyze a political cartoon, describing the social conformity of the 1950s, and then students will watch a short video clip from "Rebel without a Cause" and will compare what they see in the video to what they have already seen about the 1950s.  Station 5:  Students will analyze about 30 facts about the 1950s and analyze them to answer questions on a worksheet.  Students will rotate after 15 minutes to the next station.  We will complete this project on Wednesday.
    Wednesday:  Students will complete 1950s group project.
    Thursday:  Students will begin Civil Rights Packet, looking at how African Americans were trying to advance their standing in American Society and gain equal rights.
    Friday:  Students will complete Civil Rights Packet, and we will then begin reviewing for Post World War II and 1950s America.  We will take our Exam Later next week. 
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  • Week of 2-2-15 to 2-6-15

    Students will be working to complete "Post World War II and 1950's America Test Review" The Review will be counted as a major test grade since we will be working on it for four days and it is extensive.
    Thursday- Students will participate in a class review game helping them prepare for the Test On Friday.
    Friday-  Students will be taking "Post World War II and 1950's America Test" 
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  • Week of Feb. 9-13

    Monday:  Students will begin to look at events that occured in the 1960s.  We will look at the presidency of John F. Kennedy, Continueing to look at the Cold war through out the 60's and events that affected our relationship with the Soviet Union.  Students will Read Section 1 out of the textbook titled "Kennedy and the Cold War"  pages 624-630.  On page 630 Students will complete questions 1-4.  
    Tuesday and Wednesday-  Students will view a video on the Cuban Missile crisis.  The video can be found on www.youtube.com it is titled "The Cuban Missile Crisis-Declassified"  Students will watch the video and take notes over what they see. 
    Thursday: Students will be writing an essay using the knowledge they gained through class and the Video we watched on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They will detail the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis in a 15 sentence essay.  This will be a quiz grade, they will not be able to use their notes or book.   Students will then complete 1960's Vocabulary assignment.  Vocabulary assignment will be due on Friday.
    Friday- Students will turn in completed "1960's Vocabulary"  they will then begin 1960's reading packet.  This packet includes several readings as will as photographs and Questions to answer and tables to complete.  Students may be asking their parents some questions about how some times have changed since they were children as well including events of the Cold War, Vietnam War, the Feminist movement and other events throughout the 60's. 
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  • Week of February 16th - 20th

    Monday:  Students will continue working on 1960's reading Packet and will Turn it in completed when they arrive to class on Tuesday.
    Tuesday:  Turn in 1960's Reading Packet.  Students will then begin a poster assignment using the book Pages 638-645.  Students will read this section out of the book and then create a Poster discussing what Lyndon B. Johnson's "Great Society" was about.  students will discuss how LBJ continued the policies of Kennedy, the Start of Medicare and medicaid programs and other policies under the new president.  Students will turn this assignement into the basket at t he end of the period.
    Wednesday:  Students will begin Working on the Vietnam War Packet.  This is a condensed packet of notes from the Vietnam War that students will use to answer questions, students will also use the computer to listen to chosen songs suce as Buffalo Springfield's "For what its worth" and discuss the message of the song and if it was pro or anti war.  
    Thursday: Students will turn in their Vietnam War Packet for a grade, We will then go through a powerpoint presentation covering the Vietnam War.  I will be lecturing and students will be given an opportunity to discuss and ask questions over the material and information.
    Friday:  Students will watch a newscast of the Evacuation of the American Embassy at Saigon as the North Vietnamese continued to advance through the capital city and American involvement in Vietnam came to an end.   
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  • Week 25: Fe 23-27

    Monday: We are beginning to look at the Presidency of Richard Nixon.  Students will read about s first presidential term in office from the book Page 740-746.  We will be looking at the energy crisis, OPEC, the opening of China, as well as  continuing the Vietnam War.  After Reading, Students will complete Section 1 Review on Page 746 #'s 1-4.
    Tuesday:  Students will be Viewing the Video: "Watergat: Legacy of Secrets"  The video will break down the actual break-in of the Democratic National Committe Offices, describe how those individuals were caught.  Also will discuss the connections between the burglars and the white house.  Then will discuss the problems that ensued when Nixon tried to cover up his knowledge of the occurrence, leading to his impeachment. 
    Wednesday: Students will be creating a political cartoon, poking fun at Nixon and the Watergate Scandal.Students will show their understanding of the scandal by creating their political cartoon, then explaining the meaning and symbolism.
    Thursday and Friday:  We will begin Reviewing for the "1960's to Watergate" Exam.  Students will be given a Unit Review Sheet and they will complete this sheet using definitions and answering questions preparing them for the Test on Tuesday.
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  • Week 26 March 2- March 6

    Monday March 2
    Students will participate in a review game preparing them for the Unit Exam over the 1960s and Watergate. Students will be split into teams and compete against another, mixing some fun with reviewing for the exam.
     Tuesday March 3
    Students will be completing 1960s and Watergate Unit Exam
    Wednesday March 4
    Students will Read "Nixon to Ford" Pg 747-753  then Students will complete Section 2 Review on Page 753 #s 1-3  Students will be looking at and analyzing the transition from President Nixon to Gerald Ford after Nixon had resigned the presidency.
     Thursday March 5
    Students will read about the Presidency of Jimmy Carter.  Students will read Pages 754-759 and will then complete an outlined highlighting important events and issues that came about during Carter's presidency.  Students will write about the Election of 1976, Carters domestic agenda, the energy Crisis, Panama Canal, as well as US- Soviet Relations and Middle East issues.  
     Friday March 6
    Students will begin a Reading Packet Discussing the Presidency of Jimmy Carter -Ronald Reagan, we will be moving throught the 70s and the 80s when we return from Spring Break.  Students will work on reading packet and it will be due the Monday when they return from Spring Break.  Students will look at issues such as stagflation, Camp David Accords, The Iran-Contra Affair..... 
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  • March 16 - March 20

    March 16th
    Students will complete Watergate, Carter, Reagan Reading Packet.  Students will continue to analyze the presidencies of Carter and Reagan.  Students will answer questions and read about the continuing the Cold War, the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and the Economic Crisis facing America.  Packet will be due at the end of the period. 
    Tuesday  March 17
    Students will watch and take notes over The History Channel Documentary: The Presidents focusing on the presidencies of Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan.  Students will look at the Watergate Scandal, the Iran Contra Affair, and Reaganomics.  Students will also see stories of the SDI Defense Program.
    Wednesday March 18
    Students will be reading about the SDI Defense Program.  Strategic Defense Initiative"  also known as "Star Wars."  Students will explain with their poster what this program was.  What it was supposed to do, and What effect it had upon ending the Cold War.
    Thursday March 19 and Friday March 20
    Students will be reading about the Reagan Presidency out of their text book.  They will look at both Reagan's first and second terms.   Students will be reading Page 772-782 in their textbook.  Students will then complete section 1 Review on Page 775 #'s 1-4 and then Section 2 Review Page 782 1-4.  THis will be due on Friday at the end of class.
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  • Week of March 23-March 27

    Monday March 23
    Students will Be looking at the Bush Presidency.  George H. W. Bush.  Students will be reading in their textbooks about incidents such as Operation Desert Fox and Operation Desert Storm.  Students will continue to look at the United States involvement in the United Nations and how that will get the United States involved in Peace Keeping Missions all throughout the world.
    Tuesday March 24
    Students will watch and take notes over documentary focusing on the George H.W. Bush Presidency.  Students will take notes over Bush's economic policies, social welfare policies, and Foreign Policy.   Students will see footage from Operation Desert Fox, and Operation Desert storm and will hear from President Bush himself on his thoughts and worries that occured during the war.
    Wednesday March 25
    Students will Complete George H.W. Bush reading packet, reading and answering questions on the same issues we discussed on Monday and Tuesday.  Putting into practice their knowledge they have gained on these topics.
    Thursday March 26   Students will be able to catch up on any missing assignments and will have the opportunity to complete an extra-credit word puzzle for ten points on their lowest grade.
    Friday March 27
    No School-  Hosting District UIL Academic Meet 
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  • Week 30 April 7-April 10

    Monday- Student Holiday 
    Tuesday:  Students will be viewing documentary film on "The War on Terror"  Students will be analyzing and viewing footage from the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, Students will also see news reels about the bombings of US Embassies, and the Sept 11 attack on the World Trade Center.  The will be viewing information on how the CIA went about gathering information on Al Queda terrorist group and the process that presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama went about handling these conflicts and the man hunt for Osama Bin Laden.
    Students will be starting to review for the End Of Course STAAR exam.  We will be looking at the Amendments to the Constitution today, starting with the Bill of Rights and then learning about the other rights given to us in these amendments.
    Thursday and Friday: Students will be completing Vocabulary assignment from the Early years of the United States, including systems of Government, Important people, such as Abigail Adams, and important social issues that occurred through out the early years of the United States.
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