Industrial ISD Curriculum

  • Industrial ISD has adopted the Understanding by Design framework for curriculum writing.  By creating a quality curriculum for each course throughout the district, we will move closer to achieving our district goal of demonstrating exemplary performance in all subject areas.  Our district mission states "All of the Industrial Independent School District students will be taught a uniform curriculum based on state and district adopted courses of study."  This idea is further developed in District Objective 10 which states, "Industrial ISD will provide a well-balanced and appropriate curriculum to all students in all subject areas".  The Understanding by Design framework agrees with our district mission, goal and objectives and will provide the structure for educators to craft a well-balanced curriculum for our students.

    Included on this page is information and links about the Understanding by Design framework and our curriculum management system, Curriculum Trak.

    Our teachers are currently in the process of writing curriculum.  Please use the links below to view what has been accomplished so far. 

    Unit Plans

    Curriculum Maps

    Lesson Plans

Last Modified on July 12, 2016