• Welcome to 3rd Grade!

    Campus Wide Expectations: 

          1.     Follow directions.

          2.     Respect others and their property.

          3.     Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

          4.     Be prepared for class.

          5.     No teasing, rude gestures, or inappropriate language.

          6.     Raise your hand and wait.


    Campus Discipline Policy:

    Failure to comply with the above campus wide expectations, will result in the following:

    • 1st Offense         =       Verbal warning
    • 2nd Offense        =       Level I (red note in planner to be signed by parent/guardian. Failure to turn in red note the                                     following school day, will result in a second red note.)

    **All Level II offences (severe infractions) will result in a discipline referral and trip to the principal’s office**


    Please sign your child’s planner nightly- this is our way of communicating daily with you. Your child will record what lesson/skill is being addressed daily or weekly in his or her planner along with any other important information. Additionally, your child will record whether or not there is unfinished work or homework. Planners that are not signed for more than two days in a row will result in a red note sent home and loss of recess.

    Please check across the day for any homework assignments in all subject areas. If homework is noted, it will be indicated at the bottom of the box as: HW

    District Late Work Policy:

    For assignments already graded by the teacher and returned to the students:

    • Deduction of 30 points for one day late; deduction of 10 points each day thereafter until the work is remitted to the teacher.

    For assignments not already graded by the teacher and returned to the students;

    • Deduction of 10 points per day until the work is remitted to the teacher.

    Makeup Work:

    Students may makeup assignments that are missing, however, a better grade will NOT be entered into the gradebook. Redoing assignments for a better grade is also NOT permitted. No extra credit assignments will be assigned.


    Mrs. Huber

    Classwork Expectations:

    All classwork is expected to contain the following:

    • Student name
    • Neat and legible handwriting
    • A capital at the beginning of each sentence and a punctuation mark at the end each sentence
    • Correct spelling of high frequency words and/or words that can easily be found on the assignment page

    Assignments (classwork, tests, and homework) missing any of the above expectations will receive a ONE point deduction from each missing piece on the overall grade.


    55 points is the A.R. goal for third grade. Students are expected to read and test from books of a 2.5 level or higher until the Christmas break. After the holidays, students will be expected to read and test from books of a 3.0 level or higher. Students will not be credited the points for books if they are below these levels.

    Students who obtain their A.R. goal prior to the May deadline (TBA) will be permitted to read higher level books as long as the student’s average a passing grade on the advanced books. I will speak with students individually to determine appropriate grade level books they should read and test on.

    These expectations are aligned with those of fourth grade are put in place to help improve student reading comprehension, fluency, and overall level.

    A guide will be sent home at the beginning of the school year that will map out a point goal for students to obtain for each six weeks. This breakdown is to help students to easily reach their 55 point goal by the end of the school year.


    Homework will be assigned on an as needed basis. Most homework will center on spelling or vocabulary related assignments. Students may expect to receive more homework as the STAAR approaches in the spring. This is to help better prepare them for the test. Homework is expected to be turned in the next school day, unless otherwise noted. Missing or incomplete homework will result in a red note home and loss of recess for the day. Students will likely stay in for afternoon recess in order to complete homework.


    Most tests (reading, writing, and spelling) will be given on Friday’s, unless otherwise noted in your child’s planner.