Workshop Request Procedure



    1. Complete Workshop Request Form that you have saved on your desktop or access on IISD website under Faculty Forms or on the Curriculum website.


    1. Email as an attachment to your campus administrator for approval.


    1. If you campus administrator approves the request, it will be sent to the Curriculum Office by clicking “Send to Mail Recipient as attachment:


    1. The Curriculum Office (Shelley) will approve and complete any PO or coding information if needed. The form will then be sent back to you and a copy to the campus administrator.


    1. Once you receive the form back, you may register on-line at https://www.escweb.net/tx_r3/security/signin.aspx. This is on the Region 3 website under the Workshop Registration and Sign-in tab.   


    1. If you are unable to attend a workshop, please remember to go back into the system and delete your registration. Also, let your campus administrator and the Curriculum Office know.


    1. Once you have attended a workshop, you will need to remember to go back into the system to print out a workshop attendance certificate and send it to Lorie Paul for your file.
Last Modified on April 14, 2016