• 6th Grade Health

    Coach Neel- kneel@industrialisd.org


    Classroom Expectations, Rules, and Procedures

     Conference Period: 4th period (10:40-11:20 a.m.)


    Classroom Rules and Expectations

    1. Be PROMPT and in your desk when the bell rings.
    2. Bring ALL supplies with you to class or you may leave your notebook/binder in the designated crates by class periods (as long as supplies stay neat and organized).
    3. Follow instructions the FIRST time they are given.
    4. Devote the entire class time to health related projects and work. Any non-health class material will be taken up and disposed of appropriately. (Only other class related work may be utilized correctly during Activity Period or given permission when assignments are complete.)
    5. Be PRODUCTIVE and pay attention, actively participate, and raise your hand to ask questions.
    6. Leaving the classroom will not be permitted. Students will be given 3 bathroom passes every 6 weeks. (Only in the case of an emergency or for medical reasons, may a child leave the classroom.)
    7. Treat the property and rights of others with respect at all times. Courteous and respectful behavior is expected at ALL times.
    8. Stealing will not be tolerable. This includes another student’s property or work by cheating.
    9. Any missed work is the responsibility of the ABSENT STUDENT. (Industrial ISD policy will be followed.)
    10. Use of profanity and/or teasing is prohibited.
    11. You are to fully respect not only the teacher, but EVERY
    12. No talking during class. Raise your hand if you need to speak.
    13. The bell does NOT dismiss class, I do. Students will remain in their desk until released by the teacher.

    Required Classroom Materials

    • 1 box, 12 count colored pencils 
    • 1 plastic folder with pockets and brads
    • Textbooks are kept in the classroom.

    IJHS Grading Policy

    *        Daily Grades: Homework and Classwork= 40%

    *        Major Grades: Quizzes and Tests=60%



    • Will be assigned daily and usually checked in class. Unfinished classwork is to be completed during study skills or at home, along with any additional homework assignments.
    • Homework will have an assigned due date that students can write down in their homework folder. There will also be a reminder on the white board of due assignments/homework.
    • Credit will be given for all work turned in on time. You must make an EFFORT on every assignment!


     Quizzes and Tests

    • Quizzes will be given on vocabulary and on units of study throughout the 6 weeks.
    • Tests will be announced and will cover a number of topics covered in class and MAY be assigned any day of the week.