• 18-19 Junior High Art Syllabus

    Ms. Hollis-ehollis@industrialisd.org

     Conference Period: 8:00-8:45


    Class Schedule:

    1st: Conference

    2nd: Art

    3rd: Art

    4th: Art

    5th: Art

    6th: Art

    7th: Art

    8th: ESL

    Classroom Expectations:

    •     BE PREPARED and have all materials needed for class everyday
    •     BE POSITIVE and keep a can do attitude
    •     BE POLITE and respectful to classmates, teacher, school property, and yourself
    •     BE PRODUCTIVE and pay attention, actively participate, and ask questions


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Follow all guidelines set forth in the student handbook.
    2. Check board for what we will be doing/working on for that particular day.
    3. Attend to personal needs BEFORE coming to class: Do not ask to leave class unless you have a true emergency. Bathroom passes must be given to Ms. Hollis to sign before leaving the classroom.
    4. Remain in your seat unless you have permission to get up. Assigned seats are given by Ms. Hollis and will only be changed by Ms. Hollis if a problem occurs.
    5. ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES, unless given permission by Ms. Hollis.
    6. ALWAYS make sure your work area is completely cleaned off before leaving the classroom, NO EXCEPTIONS. Lunch Tables will be given to students who continuously leave messes.


    Class Supplies

    • 2 posterboard (white or light colored)
    • 2 packs #2 wooden pencils
    • 2 rolls duct tape (any color)
    • 1 folder with brads and pockets
    • 1 pack of colored pencils

    Students are encouraged to bring in old magazines and newspapers at any time. We will be more than happy to recycle them for you in our Art class.


    Classroom Procedures

    1. Dismissal of class: The bell does NOT dismiss class, I do. Students will remain in desk until released by Ms. Hollis.
    2. Absences: Students are responsible for asking for and getting missed work if absent. If the student knows he/she will be absent (doctors appointments, extra curricular activities, etc) the work must be picked up BEFORE the day of absence. If the absence occurs unexpectedly (sudden sickness, death in family, etc..)  a blue note from the office or an email from the parent/guardian must be recieved THE DAY the student returns. If no blue note is given or if no email is received, the student will have to complete the missed work in the time given to other students who were present.
    3.  Substitutes: Substitutes should be respected at ALL times. When I am out, I will leave detailed instructions and seating charts. You will be required to follow all instructions as if I were there. If the substitute leaves a bad note on a student’s name, that student will receive a discipline referral.

    Grading Policy

    • Daily Work and Quizzes – 40%
    • Tests – 60%


    1. Participation Grades: These grades are  given during project times. In order to receive a 100 for a participation grade students must be on task the entire class period. Each time I have to get onto a student (not in  seat, talking, being disruptive, etc) 10 points are deducted from the grade.
    2. Folder Checks: At the end of each six weeks a folder check will be given for a test grade. The braded folder needed for the class will be used for this. Throughout each six week papers given out by Ms. Hollis will be put into this folder. An example folder stays on my desk at all times so students can check themselves. This should be an easy 100.











    Please return to Ms. Hollis by August 29, 2018.

    Students Name:  ___________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardians Name:  ___________________________________________________

    Best way of contacting you: _____ Phone #  _________________ or _____ Email

    Please provide your email :  _________________________________________