• Welcome to AP Calculus AB!  Congratulations! You are entering a first semester college level Calculus class.  This is an Advanced Placement course in which college credit can be received upon passing an exam offered on Tuesday, May 5th.  This class is an intensive study of a 1st semester Calculus class.  We will work throughout the year preparing for this exam. 


    Supplies Needed: 

    Please check the supply list on my webpage!



     The following is an outline of the topics covered in the AP Calculus AB class.

    Limits and Continuity

    1. Limits of a Function graphically and with tables
    2. Limits of a Function as x approaches C – algebraically
    3. One Sided Limits
    4. Definition of Continuous Functions
    5. Intermediate Value Theorem
    6. Limits as x approaches infinity and Limits that are infinity


    1. Average and Instantaneous Velocity
    2. The Difference Quotient
    3. Functions and the graphs of their Derivatives
    4. Equation of a Tangent line
    5. Formal Definition of a Derivative
    6. Differentiability
    7. Introduce Slope fields for graphs of derivatives   
    8. Constant and Power Rule
    9. Product and Quotient Rule
    10. Linear Approximations
    11. Derivatives of Absolute Values and Piecewise Functions
    12. Derivatives of Trig Functions
    13. Tangent lines of Trig Functions
    14. Chain Rule (non-trig)
    15. Chain Rule and the Trig Functions  
    16. Higher order Derivatives
    17. Rates of Change

    Implicit & Related Rates

    1. Implicit Differentiation
    2. Implicit Differentiation a second look
    3. Related Rates and Geometry Formulas
    4. More Related Rates

    Applications of Derivatives

    1. Extreme Values and Local Extrema
    2. Mean Value Theorem
    3. First Derivative Test: Increasing/Decreasing
    4. Concavity
    5. The 2nd Derivative Test
    6. Using graphing to relate f(x), f’(x), f “(x)
    7. Optimization
    8. Inverse Functions
    9. Exponential and functions
    10. Derivatives of ax and ex
    11. Derivatives of logarithmic functions
    12. L’Hopital’s Rule


    1. Antiderivatives or Indefinite Integrals
    2. Definite Integrals
    3. Area under Curves
    4. Reimann Sum
    5. Definite Integrals as a Limit of a Reimann Sum
    6. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
    7. The Mean Value Theorem for Integrals
    8. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Part 2 
    9. U-Substitution
    10. Integration of ex and ln x
    11. Trapezoid Rule

    Applications of Definite Integrals: Volume

    1. Area between two curves
    2. Solids of Revolution: Disk Method
    3. Washer Method
    4. Volume of solids with known Cross Sections

    Differential Equations

    1. Slope Fields
    2. Differential Equations with Slope Fields
    3. Separation of Variables
    4. Growth and Decay


    At the end of the year, you will take a comprehensive exam in my class that will count as a major test grade.  It will review all concepts covered in preparation for the AP exam.


    Grading Policy:

     Daily Work:  40%                                         Major Work: 60%

    Homework assignments                                   Tests

    Binder Check                                                   Quiz Average



    A binder will be kept daily to include notes, assignments, quizzes and test reviews and will be graded at the end of the six weeks and used as a daily grade.  All assignments, quizzes and tests should be done in pencil.  A paper that is in pen or colored pencil will have 10 points deducted from it.

    You will be given at least two day's notice before a test.  A review will be given the day before the test.  If you are absent the day of the test, you will make it up on the day you return to class.  In AP Calculus, 2 day tests are sometimes given.  You may be given projects throughout the year.  They will be counted as a test grade.  You will have plenty of time to complete it and it is due on the assigned date, no exceptions will be made.   Projects may always be turned in early.  Take home tests may be given throughout the year.  The due date will be given in class.  You will have plenty of time to complete it and it is due on the assigned date, no exceptions will be made.  Take home tests may always be turned in early.

    You may be given daily quizzes throughout the six weeks.  They will help you keep up with the assignments that we have gone over.  If you are absent on the day of the quiz, you will need to make it up immediately upon returning to class. You may also be given take home quizzes.  The due date will be given in class.  You will have plenty of time to complete it and it is due on the assigned date, no exceptions will be made.  Take home quizzes may always be turned in early.  The quizzes taken during the six weeks will be averaged together and used as a test grade.  

    Homework will be assigned in class regularly and should be completed before attending the class on the next day.  Homework will be used as practice for quizzes and tests.  Homework is due at the beginning of each class period. 

    Late work is highly discouraged!  I will follow the district guidelines for late work. See your student handbook.  If you are going to be absent for an extracurricular event, it is your responsibility to get your work and be ready to return to class when your event is over.  If you are missing a test or quiz, you will need to make arrangements with me before you go.

    If you are absent from school that does not involve extra-curricular activities, you will be allowed 2 days for each day absent to turn in your work.  It is your responsibility to get your makeup work and to turn it in.  You may always request work from the office so that you do not get behind.   

    Tutorials are held in the morning and afternoon.  I plan on being available for tutoring by 7:30 am each morning.  I plan on being available till at least 4 pm afterschool.  Arrangements can also me made with me during lunch.   

    An assignment sheet will be given to all.  The daily assignments should be recorded on it.  You may record your grades as well. 

    My classroom rules are:

    1. Bring supplies and be in the class ready to learn as soon as the bell rings.
    2. Respect others and their property especially the classroom supplies that are shared by all.
    3. Obey all school policies.


    ** I can be reached during 4th period.