• IHS  
    class of 2022




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    please email one of your class sponsors
    Class Sponsors: Chasity MatulaLisa Bullock, Alicia Miller, Dennis Myhand,


    2019 - 2020 


    President: Reed Kallus  
    Vice-President: Ean Chreene 
    Secretary: Julie Hernandez 
    Treasurer: Brock Durate 
    Parliamentarian: Paige Borak 


    2018-2019 $25.00 (Freshman Year)

    2019-2020 $20.00 (Sophomore Year)
    2020-2021 $15.00 (Junior Year)  
    2021-2022 $10.00 (Senior Year)


    2018 - 2019 ~ Concession Stand for Thursday Night Football Games 
    To sign up for a concession stand spot please contact Chasity Matula at cmatula@industrialisd.org 
    (As a heads up, if you or your designee do not work concession stand you will owe $60.00)


    1st class meeting - August 

    - we will be meeting in the Gym