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    Welcome to science at Industrial High School. Use the links to see what we are doing in Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Physics 1 and AP Biology.  At the end of this introduction I have included my behavioral expectations for all my classes.  The rules are posted in the classroom and all students are given copies to place in their notebooks. You will also see an explanation of the "check" system. Good behavior can translate into extra credit on grades at the end of each six weeks.

    The AP  lesson plans will be updated each unit and will include both the assignments for the unit and the unit guide (goals). The other class lesson plans will be updated weekly and the Unit Guides with the objectives that are referenced in the lesson plans will be updated as we move into new units. Please check them when you are absent or when you will know you are going to be absent (extracurricular activities, field trips, etc.) to see what you missed or will miss.
    • The following rules are for your benefit so that you will be able to learn the material with a minimum of disruption and distraction.

    1.   Respect others, self and property.

    2.   Bring required supplies.

    3.    Be on time, in your seat and ready to work.

    4.    Remain attentive and alert.
    5.    Obey all safety rules.
    For every day that you choose to follow all the rules, you receive a check.  At the end of the six week, checks may be used to improve your grade according to the following schedule:
    5 checks may be exchanged for an extra 10 points on a daily assignment or automatic makeup of a daily quiz to a 70
    10 checks may be exchanged for an extra 5 points on a lab or exam or automatic makeup of a daily assignment to an 80
    20 checks may be exchanged for an extra 10 points on a lab or exam
    Checks may not be used to improve a semester exam grade or any grade that is a zero due to truancy or never having done or made a valid effort to do the assignment.

    During the final week of the six weeks, you should be prepared to use your checks.  You must turn in a written request explaining how you want the checks distributed.  This request must be clipped to your class period page in the checkbook and must have your name on it.  Requests given to me personally (unless I specifically say you may give them to me) or put in the homework turn-in box will not be honored.  You may also email me with your requests.  All requests must be fairly specific as I will not "put them where they will improve my grade the most" or "use them to make me pass".  It is your responsibility to decide how they will do you the most good.  Checks not used in a six weeks will be carried over to the next six weeks.

    If you choose not to follow the rules, here are the consequences:
    First time:   Verbal warning, loss of check.
    Second time:   Second verbal warning, 1 minute after class detention
    Third time:   Student and/or parent conference, after school
    Fourth time:   Removal from class to principal's office.
    I reserve the right to send any student to the principal at any time if that student creates a serious disruption.