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Sponsor: Mrs. Patton

(email Mrs. Patton with questions)

Service Hours Requirement/Reporting

Every NHS member needs to accumulate 5 hours of service during the school year (first day of school to last day of school). These hours should not be hours that are required by an extracurricular activity that the student is a part of. For example, athletes who are required to work concession stands, track meets, tournaments, etc. as a member of the team cannot use those hours as service hours. They can, however, volunteer for one of those activities and receive service hours as long as it was not a requirement because of their participation in their sport. If a junior/sophomore does not do their service hours during the school year, they may accumulate and document service hours during the next summer to be counted as their service hours for their previous junior/sophomore year.

To document their service hours, they may bring a note signed by the adult (other than their parent) coordinating the activity, an adult coordinating the activity may email the sponsor (mpatton@industrialisd.org), or they may fill out the attached form and bring it to the sponsor.

NHS members are also required to participate in half of the group projects. This year one of the projects is assisting with the Industrial Academic Invitational UIL Meet to be held Thursday, January 30. Students are to bring an item for the hospitality room and assist at the meet by working the concession stand and/or helping the teachers administer the tests. They will be signing up to bring things and work in January.

Form for Documenting Service Hours