Clark Motley

Clark Motley

IISD Superintendent

361-284-3226 ext.1175


The 2023-2024 School year will be my second full year as Superintendent for the Industrial Independent School District.  I am truly blessed, and honored to have the opportunity to lead in such an amazing place.  Through partnerships with our students, our staff, and our community, Industrial ISD has established a culture of excellence throughout the district.

Whether it's in athletics, fine arts, or academic competitions, our students truly thrive.  Their success is created by, and celebrated by all departments within the school district as well as by our community who never fails to show up to support the Cobras.  Success can't be accomplished alone, and the Cobra Family owes its success to everyone involved with our school system.

While we are quite proud of our accomplishments outside of the classroom, our performance in the classroom shines brighter than everything else.  Industrial ISD has a long tradition of performance in accountability.  The district's rating in 21-22 was not just an 'A', but a 96!  We are hopeful that this number increases when scores come out for the 22-23 year, and are already working to make sure that the 23-24 scores continue to hold at this high level. 

This year, we are able to announce that Industrial Elementary East is receiving recognition as a 'National Blue Ribbon School'.  This is perhaps the highest honor that a campus can receive.  CONGRATULATIONS IEE!!!  We are so proud of both of our Elementary schools for creating the foundation that our students are able to launch from as they move through the rest of their educational career in Industrial, and beyond.

If you're reading this, it means you must either be a part of our district, about to be a part of our district, or are considering becoming a part of our district.  Let me be the first to welcome you to the Cobra family, and congratulate you on the amazing experience you and your family will have as Cobras!  As Superintendent, I attend many events, if we haven't met, please come up and introduce yourself.  I'm always happy to talk about the Cobras!